post your three favorite rpg games ever played

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Mine are:

1. Final Fantasy VIII: I felt a very stong connection with Squall and Rinoa.


2. Breath of Fire III: Dragons... what else? ;)


3. Kingdom Hearts I: I really liked to explore the worlds of my childhood.



But there are so many in my backlog like Ni no kuni, Hyperdimension Neptunia, Tales of games,.... 


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1. Dragon Quest 8: Journey of the Cursed King


2. Kingdom Hearts 2


3. Pokemon Silver/Diamond/Y

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  1. Chrono Trigger
  2. Persona 3
  3. Final Fantasy 13-2
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Way too many to decide from. My top 3 can change anytime lol but here it is for now


Final Fantasy VII


Breath of Fire III


Dragon Quest VII


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It's very difficult to choose just 3 games, so I'll say 3 series.


Final Fantasy

Ni no Kuni

Penny Arcade Adventures


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1. MagnaCarta II : it has the same plot that FF X, but I found it better than FF X even though I liked it.

2. Kingdom Hearts II : I loved absolutely everything in this game, the characters, the story, the soundtracks... 

3. Tales of Vesperia : it was the game that introduced me to the Tales series. I fell in love with the universe of the game, with the characters also (Yuri and Rita omg) and it has a great system-battle.


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1. Dark Souls

Not only my favorite RPG but also my favorite game of all time in general. My personal attachment to this game only grows with each of my playthroughs and it's quite possible that no other game will ever be able to do what Dark Souls has done for me.

2. Pokémon (idk which one)

So this is probably more my nostalgia than anything but this franchise will always have a special spot in my heart. It's quite hard to point out a specific game i liked the most since the competitive aspect is a big reason i still enjoy playing these games today and that aspect is one that has only gotten better over the years but the one i've put the most hours in is probably Ruby.

3. Dragon's Dogma/Dragon Age Origins/Final Fantasy 3/Earthbound/Demon's Souls/Bloodborne

I dunno man i couldn't decide. Didn't even play Earthbound it just felt right to put it there. Never listen to me ever again.


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1. Final Fantasy 6- best FF game in my book, never understood all the love toward 7 over this gem.

2. Mass Effect 2

Not sure if this counts as an RPG, but Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is number 3, and overall my favorite game of all time


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Chrono Trigger

Breath of Fire 4

Final Fantasy 6


Not really in any particular order.. Or are they?..


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  • Tales of Symphonia (GCN)
  • Lunar: Silver Star Story (PS1)
  • Luminous Arc 2 (DS)


Final Fantasy 7 (PS1)

Breath of Fire 4 (PS1)

Bravely Default (3DS)

Tales of Vesperia (360)

Valkyria Chronicles (PS3)


These are some of my favorites, not necessarily because I think they are the best, but because they are personally my favorites even if they aren't perfect games.

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  1. The Witch and the Hundred Knight

The Witch and the Hundred Knight was a fantastic NIS game, despite the reviews. Honestly, I loved every minute and a firm believer most reviewers don't know what they are talking about.


      2. Final Fantasy X HD


Final Fantasy X HD  was such a beautiful game during the PS2 days, and to have played it again on the PS3 made it so much better. Additionally, being the Japan version of the game was included in the HD remake, the Expert Sphere Grid gave veterans a chance to make their own characters to their choosing!


      3. Fallout 3 or Oblivion


Not much can be said here as both games were fantastic in their own way!


1. Witch and the hundred knight


Dark as fuck, go for the cannon ending ( the "bad" ending ) has an extra chapter, this game on ps3 has a bug that closes your game but it was seriously worth it. Nothing will ever top this game for me.




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Dark Cloud. (PS2)

Ni no kuni wrath of the white witch. (PS3)

Legend of the Dragoon. (PS1)

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Probable Skyrim, Dishonored and Mass Effect 2


I say probable because I really haven't put much thought in it.

Also it's not always clear what is defined as an RPG.


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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII


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first: all of you thanks for all the posts, i had never thought this forum would become a hot forum in less than a day :) .


as promised, here is the first ranking (not counting the unwriteable posts of course). it is a top 63. (after this row, i have also made one in alphabetical order.)



place      name                                                          amount of points


1            chrono trigger                                             18

2            fallout 3                                                       13

3            final fantasy VII                                            10

4            mass effect 2                                               9

4            the elder scrolls skyrim                                9

6            tales of symphonia                                      8

7            dragon age origins                                      7

7            kingdom hearts 2                                        7

7            the witcher 3 wild hunt                                 7

10          final fantasy VI                                            6

10          the world ends with you                              6

12          dark souls                                                   5

12          final fantasy X                                             5

12          ni no kuni: wrath of the white witch              5

15          breathe of fire 3                                          4

15          megami tensei persona 3                           4

15          tales of xillia                                                4

15          xenoblade chronicles                                  4

19          dark cloud                                                   3

19          dragon’s dogma                                          3

19          final fantasy VIII                                           3

19          final fantasy IX                                            3

19          final fantasy XII                                           3

19          final fantasy XIII-2                                       3

19          kingdom hearts re: chain of memories       3

19          magna carta 2                                            3

19          nier                                                             3

19          pokemon black                                           3

19          pokemon emerald                                      3

19          pokemon soul silver                                   3

19          rogue galaxy                                              3

19          witch and the hundred knight                     3

19          .hack//G.U. vol. 1//rebirth                           3

34          bloodborne                                                2

34          breathe of fire 4                                         2 

34          dark souls 2                                               2

34          digital devil saga                                        2

34          earthbound                                                2

34          fire emblem awakening                              2

34          hyperdimention neptunia re birth1             2

34          kingdoms of amalur reckoning                   2

34          lunar: silver star story                                2

34          megami tensei persona 4 golden               2

34          soul sacrifice                                              2

34          star ocean till the end of time                     2

34          sudeki                                                        2

34          the elder scrolls oblivion                            2

48          breathe of fire                                            1  

48          chaos rings omega                                    1

48          dark cloud 2/dark chronicle                       1

48          dragon quest warriors of eden                  1

48          dues ex human revolution                         1

48          final fantasy V                                           1

48          final fantasy VII crisis core                        1

48          final fantasy XIII lightning returns              1

48          final fantasy type-0 hd                              1

48          kingdom hearts                                         1  

48          legend of the dragoon                              1

48          luminous arc 2                                          1

48          megami tensei persona 3 fes                    1

48          super mario rpg legend of the seven stars1

48          tales of graces F                                       1

48          tales of vesperia                                       1


and here the alphabetical order


place      name                                                          amount of points


34          bloodborne                                                 2

48          breathe of fire                                             1  

15          breathe of fire 3                                          4

34          breathe of fire 4                                          2 

48          chaos rings omega                                     1

1            chrono trigger                                             18

19          dark cloud                                                   3

48          dark cloud 2/dark chronicle                         5

12          dark souls                                                   5

34          dark souls 2                                                2

34          digital devil saga                                         2

7            dragon age origins                                     7

48         dragon quest warriors of eden                    1

19         dragon’s dogma                                          3

48         dues ex human revolution                           2

34         earthbound                                                 2

2           fallout 3                                                       13

48         final fantasy V                                             1

10         final fantasy VI                                             6  

3           final fantasy VII                                            10

48         final fantasy VII crisis core                           1

19         final fantasy VIII                                           3

19         final fantasy IX                                             3

12         final fantasy X                                              5

19         final fantasy XII                                            3

19         final fantasy XIII-2                                        3

48         final fantasy XIII lightning returns                 1

48         final fantasy type-0 hd                                 1

34         fire emblem awakening                                2

34         hyperdimention neptunia re birth1               2

48         kingdom hearts                                           1  

7           kingdom hearts 2                                        7

19         kingdom hearts re: chain of memories        3

34         kingdoms of amalur reckoning                    2

48         legend of the dragoon                                1

48         luminous arc 2                                            1

34         lunar: silver star story                                 2

19         magna carta 2                                            3

4           mass effect 2                                              9

15         megami tensei persona 3                           4

48         megami tensei persona 3 fes                      1

34         megami tensei persona 4 golden                2

19         nier                                                             3

12         ni no kuni: wrath of the white witch              5

19         pokemon black                                           3

19         pokemon emerald                                       3

19         pokemon soul silver                                    3

19         rogue galaxy                                               3

34         soul sacrifice                                               2

34         star ocean till the end of time                      2

34         sudeki                                                         2

48         super mario rpg legend of the seven stars 1

48         tales of graces F                                         1

6           tales of symphonia                                      8

48         tales of vesperia                                         1

15         tales of xillia                                                4

34         the elder scrolls oblivion                             2

4           the elder scrolls skyrim                               9

7           the witcher 3 wild hunt                                7

10         the world ends with you                              6

19         witch and the hundred knight                     3

15         xenoblade chronicles                                 4

19         .hack//G.U. vol. 1//rebirth                           3



one last thing: you can still edit your previous posts of course, but it won't change the ranking anymore.


have fun with it. bye.


ps:i accidently put 1 game that wasn't an rpg into the ranking, and that was zelda a link to the past. i put it out when i recognised it, but it means there is now one person who has it's best two instead of three into the ranking. so i apology for the misunderstanding i made, but at least you know now.

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1. Persona 4 Golden

2. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

3. Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth


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1. Suikoden II (sad it didn't even appear on the list. It is excellent).


2. Xenogears (Xenoblade is great, don't get me wrong, and this one has a lot of problems, but I still think the complex plot was worth everything).


3. Crisis Core FFVII / Final Fantasy IX (tied, can't choose. CC is to day pretty much the only game that made me shed a tear, while FFIX is basically my entire childhood).



Radiant Historia deserved a spot on that list too, but glad to see various Tales and TWEWY made it at least.

By the way, I still don't get what's so great about Chrono Trigger...


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1) Dragon Age: Origins

2) Gothic 3

3) A tie between The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Skyrim


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Mine are more JRPG's as they're called now but, all amazing games on here so far I've read!


1. Shadow Hearts (Playstation 2) - Amazing story, though darker, it started off with a bang and kept going. The battles are not like regular JRPG's, you have a Judgement ring you have to hit a series of 3 times to determine the strength of your attack choice, and the characters were well developed. Amazing game.


2. Persona 3 (Playstation 2, on the PSN now) - It was a toss up for me personally between this and Persona 4 but in the end, I like the social links better in 3, as well the characters. Persona 4 is about a mystery you need to investigate.. this one is more straight forward and filled with tragedy and laughs. Odd combo but, I like it. Plus, Mitsuru Kirijo. :P


3. Xenosaga III (Playstation 2) - I loved the first Xenosaga as well, but the third one here has better controls in battle and version 4 KOS-MOS. The story is ehh, the music is ehh and characters are on the weaker side (in my opinion, of course!) but this game (series) is still among my favorite for the world and KOS-MOS. 


I'm a sucker for a great story with good characters and music. I wanted to add at least one Final Fantasy to the list but, even though they're great games, these three come to mind first for me, hope if you haven't tried them you'll give them a shot. Especially Shadow Hearts, or the sequel Shadow Hearts: Covenant. 

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1. Chrono Trigger


2. Earthbound


3. Final Fantasy 6


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