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Trick to grind 30 Double Windchill and other trophies!

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Hi everyone!


I just discovered a small trick that could make your life easier for the following trophies:


30 Double Windchill

25 Windchill Iceberg

20 Windchill Glacier

15 Double Iceberg

10 Iceberg Glacier

5 Double Glacier


The trick is simple: it looks like the game has no real RNG. Which means if you don't close the game (sleep mode is OK!), the levels will always be the same. So if you have an hard time getting those trophies, you just have to:


- Start recording a video by pressing twice on the SHARE button

- Play any levels, and once you get the double bonus you want, upload your video and DONT QUIT THE GAME

- now you just have to watch the video you uploaded. If you play the same level again and do the exact same moves... The game will be exactly the same. Same drops, same blocks, etc. Play until you get your bonus again

- repeat until you get the trophy you need!


I don't know if this will be really usefull since i believe you'll get those trophies by simply playing the game for a long time but if it can be usefull to anyone, i share it ;)

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I got some trophies on 1-9 levels for the best and was very easy yesterdaay. I can't still get 15 double iceberg trophy. 


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