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7 hours ago, DamagingRob said:



:bronze: Utopia 
Complete Stage 10: New Devon


Well, I managed to get through them all with my AI partner. But beating them on Crushing with 3 stars? ...I don't know if that's gonna happen. Lol. 


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I managed all of them with my Ai partner also except New Devon. I can't beat that with my partner. They kept dying on me. I don't even know if I want to try getting all stars on Crushing.


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Welcome to Valadilene
Finish preparing for your arrival in Valadilene



Legacy of Kate
Familiarize yourself with the Voralberg will



Memory of the Amerzone
Find an Amerzone speaking book



Solve all the Barrockstadt University's problems


Man and I thought the original Resident Evil had annoying still backgrounds. 😁


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Fallout 4:





Eyes on the prize.

This was my last trophy for 100% #190.


Total playtime: 72 hours

Difficulty: 3


Pretty fun game, but Fallout: New Vegas is superior in every way. 

Next: Yakuza 0. 


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Bathhouse combat master 
Achieve gold medal for this challenge map


4 arenas done and 3 whole chapters. extremely productive day i'm nearing the end of the road for this game provided i can do the final hardest difficulty which can be cheesed with level select, 2 leftover levels and the last arena going to have to think about my next platinum soon.

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