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Dead Letters 
Gather all "Letters of the Lost".


Far cry 3


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:bronze:Valley Black clear
Complete all Black Valley maps (Any medal)


Phew, managed to do #180.

Well, here's me trying the hardest level in the game, according to some people


Anyway, now it's my rarest trophy, at 1.23%


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Kill a target from 70m or more with the bow.



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13L3b103c.png 12L1ebca2.png

:silver: Bolt from the Blue 
Sink the ball with a Rising Shot in a recorded official round

:silver: Inspiring Spiral 
Sink the ball with a Spiral Shot in a recorded official round


And so with today 2 out of 3 Special shots are done!

Doing this when you get the ball right close to the Flag/Hole but still not in the green but in the Border or Fairway is just th best :3 


Now i'm just missing the ... Oh wait. I already had the other one? I got it 2 months ago i forgot until now xD


Well then Never mind 3 out of 3 Special Shots are done!!!


With this i can use this only when necessary and not every single hole to try and get it :P 


Really enjoying the game, so fun as always even if this Canyon course Ugh, so far i hate it. I guess it's a matter to get used to it like the Beach one was but i hate when you ball goes slightly too far or not far enough than you expected and Ops, it falls down into the void or the ocean and it's out fo bounds -_- 


Anyway, slowly going on in EG, gonna try my first Online tournament tomorrow, hopefully the Level 5 Collaboration prizes are nice (Give me something Dark Cloud related!!!)






PS: Kinda Sad Lulu sin't great in Italian, i guess in Japanese it's a lot better.



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Posted (edited)

1 hour ago, Dragon-Archon said:



Whatever GER had going for it, GE2RB somehow managed to make it worse. Yuno is such a boring and uninteresting character and yet there's so much focus around her and the resolution of the first story arc is corny as hell. The pacing is HORRIBLE. 25 hours in, mission #80-something, and you're still stuck with low rank weapons and AGAs because you spent 30 of those missions in chapter 4. Any decent bullet costs an obscene amount of Oracle (and I'm not even talking about Meteor type bullets), which I wouldn't even mind if melee damage didn't STILL suck. They ditched the predator styles too, so there's no mobility unless your god arc comes with it. The whole Aragami-jumping-the-windows-to-the-other-side-of-the-map shtick was dumb and pointless in GER, but at least the devours got you there quicker. Now you get to take a nice long walk around the whole snowy mountain village map in case you didn't get a good look at it when you were there a hundred times in GER. Even picking up materials from corpses is a hassle because there's no quick devour. In battle it's better to rely on the AI to keep up your burst time because the animation is so long and it's interrupted by the slightest breeze even after you land the hit. 


And the online is still bad.


tl;dr the fights are slow and the story is boring

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