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:bronze: Always on spine :bronze:

2.78% Ultra rare

In The Darkest Shore, rip out the spine of every Zombie type.





:bronze: The Bakers Dozen Massacre :bronze:

1.79% Ultra rare
In The Darkest Shore, line up and kill 13 zombies with one Ripsaw shot.


100% here I am !

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Assassin's Creed Valhalla



Witch Hunter
Defeat one Daughter of Lerion

:bronze:  16.35% Rare



Take My Hand
Complete the Cent Arc

:bronze:  7.62% Very Rare


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The platinum trophy for Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax. The last trophy to get me the platinum was High Scorer.


You have to get 300 million points in "Score Attack." You have to fight 9 opppents in a row without saving between battles. You're graded on a number of criteria after every fight such as HP remaining, and it's very unforgiving. You can only make about 2 mistakes throughout the whole process or you won't get enough points.


I spent hours trying to get this trophy, and I tried every strategy posted online. This was in my top 3 hardest trophies earned to date. To be fair though, I suck at fighting games except for Tekken and Budokai 3.


My left hand is now cramping, and I will definitely reconsider before playing a hard game on the Vita lol.

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Gran Turismo 5

Trophy: The Air of Experience


This is one of the most unnecessary grinds I have completed on my account. For those of you who are unaware, this trophy requires you to raise a B-Spec or AI driver to the peak of his career which takes 500 race victories to achieve! I would strongly suggest using the Red Bull Prototype since its by far the fastest car in the game and repeat the Tsukuba circuit within the beginner series of races under the Sunday Cup to finish each race in around 2.5 minutes a piece. This will still be a massive grind so listen to music or something, that's what I did!




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 :silver:Slayer of Nightmares
Completed the game on nightmare difficulty.



 :gold:A New Dawn
Reached the true ending.




I can see now why people complain about this one.

As "The End of Saga", the ending was pretty lame.

But now we know there's another game after this so, lol


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Devil May Cry 5

Trophy: Clear any difficulty earning an S Rank on every mission


Finally, I managed to get around to playing some Devil May Cry 5, honestly this trophy is not as bad as it sounds as long as you have a basic understanding of how to play the game and you play on an easy difficulty level you honestly shouldn't have much trouble earning this trophy.


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