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Room Service
Find optional collectible #6 in Episode 1


Find all optional collectibles in Episode 1


A Long Road Ahead
Finish Episode 1


Back in Time
Find optional collectible #1 in Episode 2


Draw The Line
Start any drawing in Episode 2


Family Business
Find optional collectible #2 in Episode 2


Quite the ending to Episode 1 and great start to Episode 2 so far. Good to see you again Chris!! 😍


Time for choices I guess



I didn't call Lyla back, I stepped in front of Daniel during the mountain lion confrontation, (RIP Mushroom 😭) I was honest with the grandparents pretty much or I chose the choices that I thought made the most sense to me. So basically... I didn't flat out lie or make crap up. I told the truth about Daniel's powers to the grandfather and Chris didn't die I guess or wasn't critically hurt as Daniel saved him with his powers like in the ending to Captain Spirit THANK GOD (another friend that played it told me that the scene can have DRASTICALLY different outcomes depending on your choices so I've GOT to be doing something right... I hope? 😖) Regardless I can only hope I'm making the correct choices... 😓


Chris must be protected at all costs 😣


I'll try to play it some more tonight. I can't shake this bad feeling... 😟


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Opium Scourge
Affect at least four enemies simultaneously with the Hallucinogenic Dart.


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Red Dead Redemption 2




Getting Started - :bronze: 


Red Dead Online: Reach rank 10


Played for about eight hours yesterday and didn't get attacked by a single random. Coming from the hellfire that is GTA Online not too long ago, I'm absolutely stunned.


What a beast of a game though, enjoyed it so much I played through story mode twice. Just got the 100% and online trophies to get, and a couple of random ones. I say "just", but it takes so long to achieve anything in this game that I'm still a long way off (for example I played around 60 hours last month and only earned five trophies lol). 


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Play the game with an unlocked costume

God of War: Chains of Olympus 


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Local Detective
Cleared 30 side cases.


on Chapter 6, hoping to have the main story wrapped up by the end of the month then will proabley take a break from the game to do others games then go back and get the plat 


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Rocket league

Trophy: Ruthless


This is not a difficult trophy to unlock, simply take 50 shots on goal using a specific car and the trophy is yours. What makes the trophy significant is it's my 1000th Bronze trophy on my account which is pretty sweet. 


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