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Tightening the Noose:gold:
Stopped Abigail and saved Rex and Joy




Moving On:platinum:
Collected every trophy in the game


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On 26/5/2021 at 5:06 AM, KenjiCBZ said:

WWE 2K16: Competent Manager (0.85%)


MyCAREER - Purchase all managers that can be purchased.


Griendest shit I have done in a while, and it is not over yet 1f62c.png This Trophy cost me an headaches but it was worth it, haha


My fourth rarest Trophy (For now) out of 3194

Didn't last long


WWE 2K16: I am the best! (0.83%)


MyCAREER - Purchase all skills that can be purchased.


4th rarest out of 3205.


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Ghost of the Father
ME2: Gain the loyalty of the Cerberus Operative



ME2: Gain the loyalty of the quarian



Heart of Darkness
ME2: Confront the Shadow Broker





Kill 2,000 enemies in Mass Effect 1, 2 or 3


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:bronze: Wild Dog Hunt

Complete Mission "The endangered African Wild Dog"



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Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed

Trophy: Platinum (1.46% Ultra Rare PSNProfiles 0.50% Sony)


Ladies and gentlemen I present my rarest platinum trophy to date and my 80th Ultra Rare trophy on my account. It took me 24 hours game-time to finish the game to 100% completion, despite purchasing the DLC, this game was still very challenging to platinum. The worst events in the entire game are without question Traffic and Pursuit, and time trials are very challenging to say the least, especially the Expert ghosts, they are no joke!


Compared to it's predecessor this game was a massive upgrade, I love the vehicle transitions which are very smooth or fluid and you get a transform boost for executing them correctly. The hardest trophy is the Triple Star License which requires you to have 100% game completion, thankfully the game tracks your completion! Naturally I'm very happy to add this trophy to my collection because this is in my opinion the hardest kart racer on the PlayStation 3.   


For those of you wondering what my final stats were for the AAA license please see below for details;


World Tour 232 Stars (58 Events Cleared on Expert difficulty)

Grand Prix (All 10 Cleared on Expert difficulty)

Characters 24/24

135/168 Ghosts defeated (15 were Expert) Please note I have 3 tracks with no ghosts cleared as well

106/120 Stickers

103/144 Character Mods (14 Characters Max level)

Play-time 24 Hours 6 Minutes


For the Expert ghosts in particular I will list the main characters and mods that worked for me, if you feel one character is not quick enough, choose another character in my recommended list. I predominantly used either Sonic with Speed Mod, Shadow with Console Mod and Ages with Console Mod. 


I normally do not rate a game based on it's difficulty so for this momentous occasion I will provide a rating, please note this is my opinion. I consider myself above average at racing games since I have Wipeout HD, Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled and 85% on Gran Turismo 5. For me with the DLC installed which was very in-expensive to purchase the difficulty is a solid 8/10 from me, without the DLC it would be at least a 9/10. Best of luck to anyone who is attempting this platinum trophy!

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The Justicar
ME2: Successfully recruit the Justicar



Big Game Hunter
ME2: Thresher Maw defeated



ME2: Gain the loyalty of the krogan


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Cool and calm :bronze: 5.72%

Reach maximum sportsman rating


To get this trophy you'll have to respond in a specific way in an interview after a practice/qualifying/race session in career mode until the rating bar is maxxed out towards sportsman. Interviews have around 3-5 questions, the rating bar requires roughly 50 'sportsman attitude' answers. It sounds easy, if it wasn't for the rng element wether or not you'll be interviewed. I've driven half a season without one single interview. It turns out that you'll have to mix up your racing between clean/dirty/winning/losing for the interviews to trigger. Going for pole position and wins will not make this trophy pop quickly. Without this knowledge it could take up to 5 career seasons before it pops.


Next, the max showman rating trophy. 



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40-silver.png Holder of the Fort

Inherit Captain Drummond's equipment


Phew. Did a lot of Dark Souls yesterday and managed to already screw up this playthrough... Luckily, an extra playthrough is needed for the platinum. 😅


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