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Predator: Hunting Grounds
Experienced Hunter - Play 50 matches as the Predator.

Much like other asymmetrical multiplayer games, I am really bad at being the 1 against the other players. In fact, I am so utterly trash at playing as the Predator that I haven't even managed to get the trophy for killing a player. You know - the whole point of playing as Predator. Kind of his gimmick.

However, it counts private matches which now can be shortened to one minute. So it was 2 actual matches with other people and 48 running around an empty map, occasionally fighting the AI.

Meh. Still better than the 2018 film.


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Born to the Battlefield
Won 100 battles.


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World Shaker
ME3: Destroy an Atlas dropped from orbit.



Tunnel Rat
ME3: Survive the swarm.


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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Platinum Acquired!


Bye Bye, Xenoverse (6.83%) (Platinum) 


Over Here, Slowpoke... (9.80%) (Gold)


Taking a break from sonic all-stars racing transformed, I have gotten the platinum for a game that has a lower platinum percentage compared to Minecraft on PS Vita platinum trophy. After nearly 5 years of this game sitting on my profile unfinished before I started trophy hunting seriously, I have finally platinumed this game. The title for the platinum trophy is ironic in the sense that I still have dlc trophies to complete. Alongside, the meme of this game having floods of dlc pack being released since its launch in 2016, thankful dlc trophies stopped at the end of 2019.


I still enjoyed many experiences getting the platinum, the game is still grindy but you don't have to grind for every skill in the game like the first one. Being able to purchase levels for zeni through a feature from one of the updates that came in after I stopped playing the first time, made getting the ‘Over Here, Slowpoke’ trophy take less time than it would have done on launch.


If you want to jump into this game now, at the time of making this post, the dlc extra pass is on sale for a few more days, which is what you need for some of the dlc trophies. I still recommend the game, a fun dragon ball game with an easy enough platinum trophy once you get used to all the mechanics of the game. Not looking forward to two of the dlc trophies though.

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- Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater -



:bronze: Tall Tale
Collect every type of fish

Uncommon 27.67%





:silver: The Early End
Kill The End before the boss battle

Uncommon 28.73%





:bronze: Just What the Doctor Ordered
Collect every type of medicinal plant

Uncommon 22.82%





:bronze: Fungus Among Us
Collect every type of mushroom

Rare 16.93%





:silver: You Snooze, You Lose
Sneak up on The End and hold him up

Uncommon 30.17%





:bronze: A Good Man Is Hard to Find
Achieve a camouflage index of 100%

Uncommon 26.74%





:silver: Believe It or Not
Catch a Tsuchinoko (mythical serpent)

Uncommon 21.80%





:bronze: Snake Bit
Poison a guard

Uncommon 22.67%





:bronze: A Bird in the Hand...
Collect every type of bird

Rare 16.96%





:bronze: Charmer
Collect every type of snake

Rare 16.75%





:bronze: The Cat's out of the Bag
Catch a glimpse of Ocelot, who’s seen behind the president when he tries to shake Snake’s hand

Uncommon 30.19%





:bronze: Snake Eyes
See all of the first-person views that are not indicated by the R1 button icon

Rare 17.34%





Finish game without killing anyone

Rare 19.23%





:gold: King of the Jungle
Obtain title of MARKHOR

Rare 14.14%








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A merchant’s path has a rocky future




A Good Defense Is the Best Offense.




Being Stylish Is Important Too





A Good Offense Is the Best Defense




Must've Been Tough Finding Them All, Eh?







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40-silver.png Gesture Maestro

Learn all gestures


This post game grind is a lot. I'm stuck on the stupid Darklurker... 😠


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Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown


Played all maps in multiplayer mode.


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Ghost of Tsushima



:bronze: Promising Start

Complete a Legends Mode story



:bronze: Self-Actualised

Reach rank 20 in any role


Went to 100% GoT and forgot it had multiplayer, decided to try it out before continuing with the main story, it's quite a grind but I'm enjoying it so far. It's one of the best multiplayer modes in a game that I've seen. Haven't gotten to the difficult trophy yet though.



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Trophy #5,221




Just Cause 4 - Los Demonios DLC





Never Speak of This Again - Finish Extermination

3,050 Achievers out of 82,803 Owners for a weighted rarity percentage of 15.57% (Rare)


JFC, I cannot remember the last time the name for a Trophy was THIS apt!


Just Cause 4 is a perfectly fine game with its fair share of faults, but as is the norm nowadays it has had completely superfluous DLC packs tacked on. Three in all, with the second being Los Demonios; as is par for the course with DLC across the industry, this is a bizarre experience almost completely unrelated to the base game (but still borrows all of its mechanics and locations) wherein an ancient demonic evil is unleashed with swarms of flying monsters and fleshy tentacles appearing in select locations across the game world. You, a fair few bucks lighter for buying this sloppy mess of an expansion but armed with a powerful demonic bow weapon, are tasked with cleaning up the demons and sealing the infestation away again.




And how do you do that? By shooting obvious weakspots ad nauseam until you've finally shot enough to have satisfied the devs! Yay! I hated every second of this uninspired, needless, overly labourious slog. And I strongly suspect the final boss to have been designed with a sneaky plan to sell you overpowered DLC weapons (not included in this pack) in mind. If you play Just Cause 4, give this DLC a miss - and if completion matters to you, give JC4 as a whole a miss. At least this particular nightmare was over in about 4 to 5 hours.


This Trophy is named after a line spoken by protagonist Rico Rodriguez, and perfectly encapsulates my feelings about Los Demonios. It is awared for beating the final boss, which thankfully can be cheesed by sniping it from near its base, foregoing the need to spend even more money on OP DLC gear.




Trophy #5,222




Just Cause 4 - Danger Rising





Danger Drone - Defeat 10 enemies during a single Agency drone ride

1,762 Achievers out of 82,803 Owners for a weighted rarity percentage of 9,32% (Rare)



If there is one thing that Los Demonios and Danger Rising have in common, it's the fact that both have absolutely zero respect for the player's time. Both are the ultimate examples of spinning the wheels through copy+pasted environments with repetitive objectives that fail to inspire or, indeed, entertain.


Where Los Demonios reused locations from the base game but slapped a new coat of paint and some art assets onto them, Danger Rising at least offers half a dozen of freshly surfaced submarines and surrounding platforms with eternally respawning enemies for you to mess around with. However, all those subs are copy+pasted, because of course they are. Everything just reeks of these packs having been developed on the cheap to squeeze a few more dimes out of consumers. And I bet Avalanche and Square Enix were succesful in doing so, because I took the bait after getting JC4 free off of PS Plus as many others will have too.


Honestly, all the hallmarks are there; repetitive gameplay centered on the few tiny bits of new content being introduced (a hoverboard in this case), tiny new locales, and perhaps the most telling sign of all - 'graphic novel-inspired' cutscenes. Because they couldn't be bothered to render something in-engine, nope - just have the interns put something together. And of course the whole DLC wave is inconsequential to the larger game at best; Los Demonios features actual demons but is immediately forgotten and ignored as a secret to be kept, and Danger Rising introduces a needless problem (the player character being tracked by his former employer) which is neatly wrapped up at the end. It's all so low effort, and after the fourth near identical submarine completed via the same repeated (timed) objectives, you really start to feel it in your bones.




Where Los Demonios had just one miscellaneous Trophy out of ten, Danger Rising has six out of eight - with the two stragglers reserved for the cruel hoverboard courses and for beating its lacklustre story. Danger Drone is one of those misc. feats and the hardest of the lot considering its rarity (only Hover or Die for the hoverboard courses is rarer at 8.37%); you need to spawn a friendly drone with a newly-introduced sniper rifle (strange way to deploy drones but ok), then ride it and kill ten enemies without getting off. This is rather hard because your ammo is limited, enemies have means to blow you off the drone, the drone can be destroyed, and the drone will unhelpfully steal kills with its own turret. Incredibly counter-intuitive all the way through, and not something I could see anyone unlock through regular gameplay as the factors I just outlined make getting to ten kills incredibly frustrating and thus something you have to purposefully pursue.


If I had three wishes, I'd wish for perfect eyesight (glasses gang represent), the ability to live on a diet of 100% raw garlic, and for DLC to always come as a separate Trophy list just so we don't have to constantly subject ourselves to the humiliation that is playing bottom of the barrel expansion content.

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