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Hard as Nails :silver:

Complete the game on Sniper Elite difficulty



True Sniper :gold:

Complete the game on Authentic difficulty



Sniping with Friends :silver:

Complete the campaign in co-op



Just finished playing the campaign in co-op on the hardest difficulty with a friend, after we'd helped each other do the Co-Op Survival and Overwatch missions a few weeks back.  Some parts of the campaign got pretty hairy and required several retries, but on the whole, it wasn't too challenging.


And no, we did not resort to using the co-op glitch to make it easier - we did the whole campaign 'legit', as it was meant to be played.  This did make the run harder than it would be if we had used the glitch - we had to contend with bullet drop and wind resistance, and there are no checkpoints on Authentic (if you both die near the end of a level, then you have to start the whole level again) - but we feel like we have earned some bragging rights for doing it honestly 😂, given that many people have used the glitch.




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:bronze: Nile Crocodile Hunt
Complete Mission "To my dear Nile Croc specialist!"


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Prison Boss VR


First of all this trophy is rng 50% and 50% skill. You have a clock in your cell that is at 3 minutes and counts down if you hit 0 you're done or if you get caught by a patrolling guard.


You pull a lever to get new materials and like I said it's rng what you get. Every time you craft an item, and put it in the item box, it adds 10 seconds to your timer. Needless to say it took quite a few retries to get that perfect selection of materials.


(Apple's to make cookies and paper and tobacco to make cigarettes and a few fabric and metal to make knives) you don't want bottles because it takes too long to craft anything with them and they are a pain in the ass to store when you only get 2 drawers to put them away in to hide from guards. It took hours to get this trophy 🏆 I don't know why Devs think rng is good way to design a trophy it's absolutely horrible and a great way to keep you playing and wasting your time.


1.57% :gold: Time and Tide - Survive 20 minutes in arcade mode.



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Finish a Cheese Hunt level with 100% integrity



it's not quite the hardest trophy in the game but is one of the rarest,
recommend using the bathroom level for anybody going for this.


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Furry Catventurer
Reached level 50


Dragon Legend
Defeated the Arcane Dragon


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:gold: Super Turbo Hyper Fighting Robot 
Complete the game on HYPER difficulty.


I finally got this done! I was struggling with the final boss for a few hours. Now all that's left is completing Challenge 36 (Deathless Run)


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