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56 minutes ago, Phoenix_argentea said:


Resident Evil VII: Biohazard - Banned Footage Vol. 2

:silver:You Gotta Know When To Hold 'Em - Complete Survival+ mode in 21.


And with this final trophy Resident Evil VII is 100% completed! B)

For this trophy you surely need to unlock as much trump cards as you can. I had 13/15, and, with a bit of luck and strategy (especially with the Switch+and the Ultimate Draw, which give you more cards), I did it on my second try. During the first one, well, the power went out and I reached the 8th enemy... :angry: But this time I managed to clear the game without troubles. Surely you need to know what cards are going to use the different enemies, especially the 5th (with the curse cards, but I literally steamrolled him in one turn), the 6th (or 7th, which can erase all of your trump cards), and the final one (with the oblivion. Again, I steamrolled him with Destroy++, Perfect draw+ which raises the bet +5, and two bets-up +2. End of the round! xD).

Too bad I took one damage against the 2nd enemy, simply because I was greedy and I didn't want to use a Shield (I had 5 of them and I kept them for the final rounds, but I never used them! :facepalm:).

Now I'm ready for Resident Evil Village! ^_^



Any game played in Italian cannot be scary hahahah Congratulazioni!!! :D Good luck with Village!


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Riddles Champion
Finish all the Minigames without skipping them.



Expert player
Finish the game in Expert mode



Myth Buster
Complete the bonus adventure.



Unlock every Trophy.



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