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:bronze:The Adventure Begins...
Started the game for the first time!




:bronze:  Novice General
Battled for the first time!




:bronze:  Storming the Castle
Attacked castle for first time!




:bronze:  Flawless Victory
Won a card battle with 0 damage!




:bronze:  The Thrill Of Victory...
Won a card battle for the first time!




:bronze:  The First Card...
Acquired a card for first time!




Finally started this because it has online trophies and I want to get that out of the way. Freedom Wars and Soul Sacrifice now being down for almost a week with no news whatsoever has made me more nervous and Freedom Wars was a game I've been putting off for way too long.

Years ago I got this on sale for about $3-4 as I was looking for a card battle game which there is a strange lack of on Vita. You'd think it'd be the perfect platform to crank card games out on. The only other major card game on the Vita that I can think of is Uncharted Fight for Fortune, but the online functionality has been shutdown.

So after starting feels like two different aesthetics mixed together. When you first start the game, you are introduced to an academy full of girls. They are cute and conservatively dressed. May straight up looks like an otome protagonist and is the shy one, Elsa is the outgoing friend, Karen is the smart one, and Leanne's got that full ara ara thing going on. Even the color palette gives off a warm shoujo vibe. Already getting some yuri vibes with the whole "all girls school" setting and the pairing of human girls with monster girls as battle partners.

Then when you get access to your deck, it's full of ecchi loli art which I was aware of going in. It's like someone was making a cute all ages anime card game before partway through development someone went, "quick shove some fanservice in there and add a gimmicky rubbing minigame to sell those Vita touchscreen controls." Even the box art is quite tame compared to that of other Genkai Tokki titles.

So far I think the battle mechanics are pretty cool though and sets it apart from the typical card games out there.


Also, Fia best girl, already calling it. Can't say no to cute ears and fangs.

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Le818db.pngCrysis 2 Remastered (PS4)

Complete the single player campaign on Supersoldier  (1.4% ultra rare/12.84% rare)

32S636158.png40-bronze.pngHole in One
Throw an alien down the sinkhole in Dark Heart (2.1% ultra rare/16.51% rare)

23S62b0a9.png40-silver.pngThe Tourist
Find all New York Souvenirs (1.1% ultra rare/11.01% rare)


For The Tourist, you need just the souvenirs- emails, keys to vehicles, and dog tags don't matter.


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Real Warriors Don't Sleep
Attain 50 hours of mission play time


Since I have just 2 weekly cards left and more than enough Premium Points to buy them, I thought I'd grind the remaining play time for that trophy. The great thing about it is that it can be idle grinded if you equip the Cyborg Guard card, choose 3 competent AI partners (I prefer Android 18 for any necessary healing), and start Mission 42 (although I reckon any similar mission would work just as well). That mission has a timer of 20 minutes, so you can literally leave the game running and do other stuff and, although the mission fails when the timer runs out, the elapsed time still counts towards your total play time. I was at 29 hours and 35 minutes when I finished all the missions in the game, and even with all the Premium Points you need to grind for the weekly cards (and others), that's still a lot of time left for the 50 hours.


I just need to buy those last 2 cards from the next Weekly Line-Up and I'll have my first Dragon Ball platinum! ^_^

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Cutting Foreign Ties
Recruit the Legends of '67 and La Moral



Build one of each Camp Facility (Solo Campaign only)



Fry Cry
Purchase 15 Meals



Stay Cool
Complete any Special Operation without exceeding 50% on the PG-240X's temperature meter



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