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36 minutes ago, kkulifay said:

Limbo (PS4)



Where Credit is Due (Silver Trophy)


Neat little platform game that sparked my interest after completing Little Nightmares. Highly recommend. I don’t think I’ll ever get 100% completion because of one Gold Trophy that requires you to beat the entire game with fewer than 6 deaths in one sitting. Yea….. not happening. 

How long did it take you to

get the platinum on PS4? Congrats btw

Thanks! I should've mentioned the PS4 version never had a platinum, but a 100%. Hard to give an exact estimate for the time, but I'll say took me around 100+ hrs when I finished it on PS4 first. More trophies are likely to come for future regions/dlc expansions. Still need two more for the latest Inazuma region. 

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:gold: Big League Beach Buff
Complete Story Mode levels 61-70 to find more clues.


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