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:platinum:- Trophy master

Obtain all trophies





:gold:- Party animal

Play 500 matches with a friend





:gold:- The Throne is yours

Win 300 matches in the custom game mode





:gold:- Distance damage dealer

Ring out 200 players with a projectile





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Snow Journey: Nitro
Snow Journey: Nitro completed – Unlock all trophies


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Speed Run
Complete The Stanley Parable in under 4 minutes 22 seconds (not including load times)




Test Trophy Please Ignore
Test trophy description! Replace this!



Excellent Job Following Directions
Obtain all other trophies.




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Stormbringer from metal gear rising: revengance. Get S ranks in all chapter in revengance difficulty. This is one of the best hack and slash out there, for everyone is a fun of this kind of games 


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:silver:: Fanfare
Used emotions 100 or more times.



:bronze:: The Curtain Rises
Won friendly match one or more times.



:bronze:: Master of Titles
Earned more than 50 or more titles.



:bronze:: Together We Fight
Fought other players online 30 or more times.



:bronze:: Challenger
Challenged other players 10 or more times.



:silver:: Our Bonds
Fought other players online 100 or more times.


Another soon to be shutdown game's MP trophies out of the way! I can relax now with these games


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From the void she kills
In a public match, chain 3 or more blinks and land on a survivor, grabbing him successfully.


Not Really my last one but one of my last group yesterday. So, i started DBD on Ps5 thinking it was gonna auto-pop all the trophies from Ps4. Boy was i soo wrong about it -_- Anyway guess it's time to get back them, didn't really wanted to get back into the game in the awful state it is now but it is what it is i guess, at least i'll work towards the Shards to but the Dread or how it's called.

In any case the plat shouldn't be a big deal, i'm confident enough in both my Killer and survivor aside from 1, Nurse. I Suck and don't really wanna learn her at all! So the only roblem for the plat with the Hatch trophy now really easy to do would have been this, From the void she kills! 

It already was hard with 5 blinks, even more now with only 3 as the max number! Thankfully i found a Kind claudette that i think understood what i was trying to do and let me get her! So glad to get it so fast, i just let the team heal and go after i don't care i'm glad this guy helped me! I Leave down here the Video for it which i guess shows more than if i post a single screenshot.


Now only Adept nurse it's my trouble if i can make it after the plat is a matter of games and time.






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Blood In The Water
Spill 10,000 pints of blood :bronze:



Family Values
Perform 2 different FATALITIES with Cassie Cage :bronze:



Perform 2 different FATALITIES with Baraka :bronze:

Ahhhh...Beautiful picture :P




Deadly Encounter
Perform 15 different FATALITIES :bronze:



Puppet Master
Play 25 AI Battle Simulator sets :silver:


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Goatipede :bronze:

Lick all crew members together to form a Goatipede.


I love this reference to that disgusting but awesome film, and the trophy image made me laugh so much 😂


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Done Done Done (Platinum)

For excellent and dedicated field work in the field of battle for completion.

Jak II (PS3)




Platinum... complete? #16


Jak II has been finished. It was very, very hard. I had some problems with it, mostly regarding its checkpoint system, but I still enjoyed it, even if I liked Jak 1 more. I did use the orb glitch, but that was so I could get out of this without losing my last few remaining brain cells to gamer rage, and so I could jump into Jak 3 a bit sooner. Not my most honorable Platinum, but whatever.


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Emerald Gemerald
Find the hidden Green Gem




Beaten With His Own Drum
Defeat N. Gin and his Weapon of Mass Percussion




No It’s MY Turn
Complete a level with Pass N. Play enabled




Faster Than a Tortoise
Earn any Time Trial Relic




Putting Things In Perspective
Complete any Timeline




Silent Protagonist
Meet 'Akano


Don't expect me to get anything else in terms of Flashback Relics or Time Trial Relics. I just got one of each for the most basic trophy for them. Way too difficult for me. Also... you can get the 'multiplayer' stuff with just one controller. So I'll be getting those in due time as well.


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Color Guard! - MSF! Academy - Par 4 Courses with 4 players.




Perfectionist - MSF! HD - Par All Incidents.




Completionist - MSF! HD - Beat All Incidents.




Protector of Planet Land - Unlock all Trophies.


It almost slipped my mind that there was actually one co-op trophy I hadn't done and I can't blame myself for not doing it back then. I honestly thought that you needed four controllers for that, but according to the trophy guide, you only need two. Since I happened to buy two extra controllers for other games during my hiatus in this game, I decided to use them as well. That being said, I guess Sonic Heroes still stands as the worst one, since you need three controllers for that trophy.
So, the Hyper levels. Were they hard? I considered them as the platinum breakers back then, but now, I wouldn't say that. In fact, most of them were pretty easy for me and I managed to beat them without a guide. That being said, some of them were mazes and pretty hard to figure out without a guide. Luckily, the final Hyper level wasn't too bad, apart from a few tricky spots and that death trap if you choose the wrong route near the end. I also did without the Mighty Shot, as that wouldn't have made a difference and there are no annoying concrete blocks blocking the path whatsoever which you can blow away with that.
After three years, I've managed to get the platinum from this. Although there were few levels in the HD game that I wasn't fond of, I still enjoyed it for the most part. In case you're wondering what my favorite game in the collection is, I'll tell you. It's the first one, as well as the HD version of it (excluding certain Hyper levels). Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed all of them equally, but because the first one is the most nostalgic to me, I might as well say it's my favorite. If there's any specific reason for that, it's because it has the most enjoyable soundtrack. Not counting the music in the Hyper levels, because those songs are rather bland.





Checking out the competition - Win an online match with 16 different AllStars




Ultimate Precision - Take out 3 targets using Number One's Lock on in an online match




Hit List - Take out 3 targets in a single use of Xero's X-Ray in an online match




Bullet - Slice 2 vehicles in a single slice with Sabre in an online match




Party Animal - Smoke 3 enemies with the Smoke Commander in one use in an online match




AllStar - Win 50 online matches




Hall of Fame - Unlock all Destruction AllStars Trophies


After a long break, I decided to bring this one to conclusion as well. I only have one thing to say: thank God for Jumpshot mode. If it wasn't for a comment I read in the boosting group I'm part of, I probably wouldn't have tried that. I'm glad I did, because that mode is easily the most enjoyable mode in the game. It's basically Carnado, but much better since you don't lose your car whenever you score. Not only that, but most of the players were bots almost all the time which made getting the last few character trophies very easy. Some luck was required, but at least I got some trophy clips for all that trouble.
As for how to rack wins, it's pretty simple, since you need to use one character and the victory is pretty much yours. Ratu. That's it. Her hero vehicle breaker is so OP that once you know when to use it, you can get a ton of points in a matter of seconds. That being said, sometimes opponents got lucky and I lost the match.
And thus, the third and final game I started during my summer vacation (the other two being Scarlet Nexus and Knockout City) has been completed. Of all three of them, this was the weakest. That being said, I did enjoy it somewhat. I still have to finish all the story modes the game has to offer, but right now, I need a break from this. Getting the last 30 wins I had remaining took its toll, even when I took a few breaks every now and then.
So, my next project. I've resumed another game collection (though it doesn't have a platinum) and hopefully I can get it done this time. For my next platinum, it's going to be:




I've seen the trophy guide, so I'm expecting a good challenge. That being said, it'll take a while before I start this, but I can say that I'm looking forward to it.



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God of War HD




Kratos' Marble Collection :silver: 

Collect all the Gorgon Eyes


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:platinum: Be PAC-TIVE!





:platinum: Master Cartographer


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Posted (edited)

L359f05.pngNioh 2 (PS5)

40-bronze.png Bronze trophies

33M947659.pngHelp Wanted
Summoned an Acolyte from a Benevolent Grave 10 times.

54Maf9827.pngBold Wrangler
Defeated Gozuki in "The Village of Cursed Blossoms".


I've finished the first mission once before, just bypassing Gozuki (like the Tree Sentinel in Elden Ring, he's an enemy that you will see right out of the gate, but you don't want to take him on at level 1). This time with Gozuki down, I'll replay this stage to the end and get Mezuki for Grazer Eraser.

It's good that the spear's Pole Kick skill is back, with decent ki damage like it had in the first Nioh.

Edited by RadiantFlamberge

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Bonzer Bog
Perform 2 different FATALITIES with Kano :bronze:



More Power
Use 50 Konsumables :bronze:



Princess Power
Perform 2 different FATALITIES with Kitana :bronze:



Perform 2 different FATALITIES with Kotal Kahn :bronze:


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Just started Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 & picked up the following:

  • Piece by piece32La9ae0c.png
  • Creative 15L7cd2c4.png
  • Creator14L765bad.png

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I Thought I Heard Something
Perform 30 vertical stealth takedowns



Defeat 10 enemies in a row, alternating gunplay and hand-to-hand



Hitting a Brick Wall
Defeat 5 armored enemies with melee only



Rushing Roulette
Defeat enemies with a pistol, machine gun, and grenade, in that order, in 15 seconds


Uncharted 4 is done. Now on to The Lost Legacy. 😁


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L359f05.pngNioh 2 (PS5)

47Maf6782.png40-bronze.pngGrazer Eraser
Defeated Mezuki and Gozuki in the same mission.


Gozuki and Mezuki have to be taken down on the same run of the mission. If you finished the 1st mission already and skipped Gozuki, just coming back for him alone isn't enough. You'll need to stay, and get Mezuki once again.

Mezuki was considerably easier the 2nd time around, now that I had some Soul Cores attuned and a few more levels than the first time.



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