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Preferred Faction in Skyrim


Preferred faction  

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  1. 1. If you were allowed to join only one faction in Skyrim, what would it be?

    • The Companions
    • The Theives Guild
    • The Dark Brotherhood
    • The College of Winterhold
    • The Imperial Legion
    • The Stormcloak Rebellion

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Voted for the thieves guild. I enjoy the concept of being sneaky, and not needing to kill or even hurt anyone. And with my character using light armor, I used the master thieves armor until I stopped playing the game.

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Thieves Guild. If this was Oblivion it would be a close call between TG and The Dark Brotherhood (TG would win based on that final mission :holy: ) but in Skyrim TDB was fairly disappointing. It doesn't compare well at all to TDB of Oblivion, and the other guilds aren't quite as fun as the TG.

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Thieve's Guild's various armours are just so much better than any that the other factions provide. The bonuses for being in the Thieve's Guild are much better too, but the Dark Brotherhood had more memorable moments and quests for me. It's close, but I'd opt for the Thieve's Guild based on how it actually improved my Skyrim experience by supplying badass armour and lots of money.

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I love the Dark Brotherhood. The story, the companion ability, and especially the horse. Only just started to dwell into it for Oblivion. Thieve's Guild is a close second. Like someone said above, I love that we have to actually work to bring it back to glory. I do more of those jobs on my Khajiit than anything else. And the armor is better. I love the Nightingale set. But Dark Brotherhood still gets my vote.


However, if you're asking what we, personally, would join, I'd be in the College. Reading all those books.

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I like the thieves guild the most because it's variety.

Other factions are way cooler in my book, but they lack something that the thieves guild possesses.

For instance, it' really motivates your raise to master.

It's not just: our leader is dead, so now you're the leader.

It offers a lot of variety in missions with a good story.

Other factions just offer the same type of missions, a small twist in the story and you become leader after revenge.

With the thieves guild, you really prove yourself.

It's the only -non dlc- faction that offers a change/upgrade in location.

The ragged flacon offers a lot of stores, really living up the place.

It would have been fun to have heartfire meachanics implemented to expand your base of operations depending on your taste like including merchants, libary, workers, ...

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