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What was your first impression of the person above you?


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What was your first thought when you saw the member above you for the first time? It'd be interesting to see what's going on the other side of our posts! For example, let's say Person Number One's username is... Cadbury123. Then Person Number Two says, "Your username reminds me of chocolate." Or "I read your intro and thought you sounded cool"


You get the idea.


Okaaay... Let's start this. 

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Michelle Pfeiffer.

Because you're username is Selina007, and the first Selina I think of is Selina Kyle a.k.a Catwoman. And the first Catwoman I think of is Michelle Pfeiffer's version. Also, you have a cat avatar.

EDIT: Darn, someone posted before me. Well, to Urushiro: my first impression is that you like poetry. Because you have a "Poem of the Month" in your 'About Me', and that's cool.

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