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Trophy List Translation

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Hi there!

I already posted this over at but I thought it might be of help here as well.


I just started the game last night and it's quite entertaining so far, so I thought I'd make a translation of the trophy list in case more people are interested but unsure about the trophies.

Most of them are story-related and cannot be missed. The only hard ones will probably be 60 S-Ranks and getting all the skills. I'm still not completely sure how you unlock new skills but then again I just started the game a few hours ago goth_ugly.gif

Please note that neither japanese nor english is my native language so there might be translation errors.

Anyway, here's the translated trophy list:

  • Dawn of Earth

    Saved the Earth from the invaders' threat

    (story-related) You'll get this trophy once you finished the game for the first time

  • Beginning of Dawn

    (story-related) Finished the mission "Counterattack Signal Fire".

  • To be in the Dark

    (story-related) Finished the mission "March into Darkness"

  • Beware of falling Rocks!

    (story-related) Finished the mission "Letting the strong arm down"

    (sorry for the weird translation, but I don't know if there's an english equivalent for the original saying)

  • Attack and Annihilate!

    (story-related) Finished the mission "Assault Operation"

  • The Nested

    (story-related) Finished the mission "Sound of Ridicule"

  • Burning Hell

    (story-related) Finished the mission "Underground Invasion"

  • The Greedy Snake

    (story-related) Finished the mission "The star-devouring Snake"

  • Call for a fellow

    (story-related) Finished the mission "Search for a missing person"

  • Invitation to Death

    (story-related) Finished the mission "The vacuous Reaper"

  • Through the Storm

    (story-related) Finished the mission "The Magic Mountain"

  • Resurrection of the Rock Giants

    (story-related) Finished the mission "End of the tracks"

  • Humankind's fierce advance

    (story-related) Finished the mission "Line of Defense Breakthrough"

  • Ugly follower

    (story-related) Finished the mission "The Chill"

  • The towering Shadow

    (story-related) Finished the mission "Tower of Icicles"

  • Demise

    (story-related) Finished the mission "The Mother Star"

  • Unequaled

    Defeat at least 2000 enemies

  • Elite Member

    Achieve an S-Rank in at least 60 mission

  • Special Medal Award

    Finished all free missions

  • Birth of the Superman

    Learned all the skills

Hope this helps goth_lieb.gif


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