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Talk about it. Transformers: Devastation.


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The trophies don't look that hard. The challenge mode missions seems to be the only real challenge.


I have doubts about this game. Last time platinum and activision, were together, the result wasn't very good. Maybe this will be different.

That actually seems like it will be the easiest -- as you can do them on any difficulty. 

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That depends of the challenge you have to do. If they ask for a speedrun, a no-kill level or beat boss X in ten seconds, things can get pretty hard.

I suppose so. But I do believe that doing them on the easiest difficulty may obviously be trivial. 

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I watched a Super Best Friends video on this game. I had doubts about it but hearing the metal music go off in the background during fights and attacks you can do really got me interested, so I'll definitely see about getting this. I'm not even a fan of Transformers either.


I think the only hard trophy in this will be the Platinum one, but even then I imagine you can just go back with the best upgrades and abilities. The challenges one probably would be hard if it made you do them on the hardest difficulty.

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