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Efficient Stud Farming Spot

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I found a great place for farming studs and figured I'd leave it for others.

In Bree, when you enter the Blacksmith's parlour, there are several high value studs that respawn instantly. They are the 3 Blue and 1 Purple behind the "Bilbo Wraith ring wall", directly outside of the hole in the Blacksmith's gate, and the 2 Blue and 1 Purple that are suspended over the road, between two buildings, on a plank of wood.

The key to the equation is having the "Attract Studs" red brick, as this sucks the studs right through the walls, without having to put on the ring and smash etc, and sucks the studs down from the plank, without having to build the ladder to climb up there.

With all multiplier bricks active, it makes 97 million in about 20 seconds. I had 2.1 billion studs left to grind for the final trophy and did it in about 8 minutes flat. I'll note that, I also used this method when farming the studs for all of the other multiplier red bricks, (500k, 1.5mil, etc).

- enter the Balcksmith's.

- immediately turn around and leave.

- run directly to the wall outside of the gate and pass it on an angle.

- continue 20 feet down the road and jump so you suck down the studs.

- turn around, run back to the Blacksmith's and wait for the door to open.

Rinse, repeat.

Thanks for reading and have fun, folks! :)


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