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I love lego and I regularly buy what I know are massively overpriced sets but the add on packs for this are just something else. £30 for a couple of minifigures and a 20-30 piece micro build? I'm hoping all the mums and dads out there are getting 'toy' game fatigue and it doesn't sell

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Yeah, I was sad that I won't get it for Christmas, but then I am confused at the trophies - will we have to buy the stuff packs to get a platinum in this game? I am so sorry, LEGO, but no. Not until you drop the price to $50 for the starter and $17.19 for the stuff packs. I'll just go drain my bank account a bit to get a LEGO set at Walmart, thank you very much. :angry:

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I don't believe you need any expansions for the platinum, they seem to be all base game related. That said, it's totally addictive lol, I got the game for Christmas and managed some packs with vouchers but by the time I've bought all the ones I want it will have cost me a fortune. I've been having way more fun with it than any other lego game. 

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You think buying $100 for starter pack and $700 for all of the packs so you can get every minikit is bad? I played a game which had lootbox RNG for getting new stuff in order to make a decent build to win every game which makes LEGO Dimension 100% cost peanuts...



F'k you, Yu-Gi-Oh, I could have had bought every LEGO Dimensions pack with all of the money you scammed from me and your stupid cardboard cards with pretty pictures. :P



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