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Does the Vita Version still have "Black Screen" crashing problems?


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I've been thinking about starting it up again soon to at least beat it but I also remember the crashing problems the game was suffering from the last time.


So the question is the title of course.


And for those that might not know what I'm talking about, the "Black Screen" happens when you transition from one screen to another, like going from your character's room (where you can change your class) to the town and completing a mission and when the game tries to save, where the screen just stays black and you have to restart it.


It happens most often (for me, at least) after a finished mission when the screen is black before the save prompt.


This at least was a problem for the Vita Version while the PS3 Version didn't seem to have it from what I've heard.


I also played with a retail copy so I don't know if it affects the Digital Version too which I bought on sale a while ago.


Last but not least, there hasn't been a patch update since the last time I played either.


Any help on this would be great.

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Was that before or after the Vita firmware updated to 3.30? That's when the crashing started and it's something I forgot about when typing out the question.


Haven't played since I platted it in the Summer of 2014. Probably before 3.30, since I missed out on the free expansion( god update?)

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