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US/EU version online play?

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Hi guys,


One thing I wanna ask is that if I have an UK PSN account, can I use the online features of this game on an US copy from HD collection?


Also, if anyone knows please tell me if US, PS3 version MGS 2/3 are compatible with EU, PS Vita version MGS 2/3 for save data transfer?


Thanks in advance guys!



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On PSP: Savegames are region dependent, Ad-Hoc is region dependent, unofficial features (ad-hoc over Infrastructure like xLinkKai, proOnline) are crosslinked between regions.
PS3: savegames are region dependent, no Ad-Hoc multiplayer available, Online multiplayer seems to be crosslinked between regions. Savegames from PS3 will work on PSP only with the game of the same region (they are gameID dependent).

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Let's not discuss how to alter saves.
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