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Kitty Dispatch assistance.


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I am currently have the utmost trouble finding the last two kitties in the game. Here's the problem: I have completed all of the areas on the Dispatch list and there is nothing is telling me where the last two are. Where are they? Are they in the post game bonus dungeon, or is there something I missed and have get them on New Game+?


And by the way, no matter how many guides I look up- there is no clear clue as to where they are and it is really starting to annoy me. Please help.

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There's an option within the Cat Dispatch lists to see if you've found every cat in an area: you can toggle between the (potential) material rewards and a list of cats for that area.  There's always one cat somewhere on the ground within a given area, and many places have another cat that can only be retrieved by his/her brethren during a Cat Dispatch itself -- i.e., the cat is part of the rewards your "cat army" brings back.  You shouldn't see the "area complete!" message (or however it's phrased -- it's been a while since I've played this title and I just don't remember) only when your cats have brought back every material and any stray cats in the zone.


There are no cats in the bonus dungeon.  There's no need to NG+, either.

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