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Someone with a good ear for guitar chords?


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So this song had quite a catch on me and and I'm now struggling a bit with the tabs for it since the guy have composed it himself and I can't consider that my ear for hearing tabs aren't the best, so I've watched and concluded that he plays some kind of E(022120), and that it usually just continues that, but I feel he plays something more when the guitar isn't showing to the camera. 


So I'm looking if someone can correct me on this one? Also if someone can figure out the picking he does in the intro and some of the verses  :)


Even though you're not looking for the tabs you should watch it! (Warning: Its catchy as hell)

Song starts 0:53! 


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*His guitar is tuned a half step up, but if you have a capo just put it on the first fret (while you're on standard tuning of course)*


He basically alternates between an E and A for most of the song

Then at 1:49 it goes A, B, Cm, (quick Asus I believe is what it is, x02200 in tablature), then it repeats.

Then at 2:07 it goes A, B, G#m, Cm

Near the end (2:16) I can't quite figure it count exactly but you can play Asus, A, B, C#m, B, E.

And just repeat E, A, B until you feel like ending the song on Eadd7 (x022140)


Not perfect of course but it should do good enough so you could play and sing along, enjoy. :)

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