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Please explain this problem


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This problem has happened one to many times to me and it's p!ssing me off,I play MP a lot since I bought this game on sale back in April ( only have 6days though ) and I have to admit I'm pretty good,I would actually have a 2+kd right now if not for the fact my friend brother played on my account on my friend ps3 years before I even got the game and had gotten me a 0.45kd which I have brought up to a 1.57kd.

The problem is this ,in multiple occasions I will have a extremely high scoreing games (my normal games are a 2+kd game) for example just a min ago I got a 5.65kd game and two games before that I had gotten a 24.0kd game that should have been a flawless game and 25kills ( my 1st brutal medal ) I went 24-1 ( for some reason I got BS on my final kill because my aim wouldn't move down as I went up some stairs so I couldn't get the kill before he killed me even though I fired way more shots and was only missing by a inch ).

Back on subject the problem is that a lot of my high scoring games ( not all of my highdcoreing games ) like the 2 above do not register as a completed game on my combat summary even though I did not quit the game at all not even at the end when the scoreboard and final killcam show up,instead they would show up as a 0.00kd which I do not understand why ,can someone explain this please why is this continuously happening I'm not hacking the game at all I only have a 1.57kd my deadliest killstreak is the hunterkiller drone with 253kills ( I mostly use non-lethal streaks as a matter of fact in both those games I was using UAV,counter UAV and emp ) so I really don't understand why this is happening.

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Even if it shows 0 k/d on latest matches it doesn't matter. What really counts to the K/D is the total kills/deaths, so you must check if those numbers are actually updating. That 0 K/D on last match is bugged.

Thank you I guess I better start paying attention to total kills and deaths but I still rather have those highscoreing games on my combat summary instead of a 0.00kd which will make people think that I quit a lot .
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