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Slash and his 2nd album


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So I'm sittin here listening to apocalyptic love thinking this album is bullocks. It has its singles on it but I feel it's lacking what the last album had, substance. Rock substance.

I understand slash it's just we've had heart breaks and fights but this feels kinda like an album for the lighter hearted. The last album was fantastic up and down and having the guests he did panned out well; the icing on the cake if you will.

But where is the rock substance? Did Myles have writing credit? (I don't hate the guy I just don't care for alter bridge.) I feel like slash handed alot of the material to MK and just put his zing on it and called it an album.

I'm asking for musicians critique. Do you feel I'm being too harsh? How is world on fire? Does it do justice for this follow up?

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I thought Apocalyptic Love was a terrible album along with World on Fire. I love a bit of Alter Bridge but there's only so much I can stand of listening to him, his voice is a strange one, some songs it suits, others it doesn't. 


I thought his first album was the best, having the guests sing the songs made it more interesting as he chose a lot of different artists from different genres. I was hoping for another album like that but unfortunately got stuck with Miles Kennedy. 


If you didn't like Apocalyptic Love then I can't see you liking World on Fire to be honest.

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