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Tales of Project Platinum [Closed]


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Yay, I'll be joining and be a gnome for a while! :D


Soon I will start playing these games..



Oh yes sign me up. Seems I'm in the Undine category for now since I only have 3 (Xillia 1, Symphonia, and Graces f) but I'll definitely work towards becoming a Lord of Spirits at some point dood!



Sign me up, I only have Xiilia. xD


Okay, all three of you have been added.

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Sign me up. I'm a Gnome for now, but will become a Sylph after reaching 6,000 trophies and platting Tales of Hearts R.



Put me up for Sylph, with plats on  Tales of Graces f and Tales of Xillia. Hopefully,I'll move up by the end of the year by platting Dawn of the New World.



Count me in! I'm a Sylph with just Tales of Hearts R.


This group is going to be super tough to plat everything for.



Might take a few years if that's the case. xD In any event, sign me up. I'm a lazy Gnome right now.



Sign me up for Undine. I've got the platinums in Tales of Graces f, Xillia, Xillia 2, and Hearts R.


Hmm, you can sign me up as well. I have 2 Tales plats (Graces F and Xillia 1) up till now. ^_^ Guess I have to upload my trophy card..


All of you have been added


Hey dude you mind putting a link to this thread in your opening post:



Seeing as by the end of all of this I intend on getting every Tales plat think this would be pretty cool.


Yeah, sure dude.

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  • If you are part of Dragon-Archon's Plat Rain Day event i will accept entries of games were one trophy has yet to be earned. If possible try to leave an easy one as last. This human has an event going on as well, so if you wish to join, I will have no problem.

Care to guess what's wrong with that sentence (tip: those 2 words give a subtle hint if you can't figure it out :awesome: ).

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I would like to join the event! I only have Tales of Graces f and Tales of Heart r for now. I'm working on Tales of Xillia and hope to plat that by the middle/end of November. Don't think I'll try for another one this year. But who knows!



EDIT: I'm a Sylph btw. :)

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