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PS4 fan loud noise


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PS4 can be really loud, but it also depends on the game as well. With some games the PS4 is dead quiet while playing, others tend to really get the fans going.

Yep... It's annoying, but normal. When I play The Phantom Pain PS4 always starts to vacuum the shit out of the place!


Haha yeah I never had to dust behind my PS4 when I was playing MGSV, the fans did that for me  :P

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Well I will be honest.

My PS4 only whirs up (to a volume that I can hear it) if I am multi tasking on it, like playing a game then leave it and go to the dash board and start reading messages or similar...

It has also sped up whilst playing The last of us in multiplayer, only on some maps and only occasionally, but I have heard it do this.

I would only worry if something else happened, other wise you will spend your time worrying about maybe nothing.

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