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R.I.P 3PAC! (Rapper who died from a drowning incident)


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Source: http://www.vladtv.com/article/214948/rapper-who-dissed-slim-jesus-dies-after-drowning-incident?page=2


Quote from the source:


"We here at VladTV offer our condolences to 24-year-old Ryan Harryman, the San Jose State University student who was taken off life support a few days ago after being found unconscious under water.

On October 13 the anthropology major was spotted submerged in a pool by fellow members of the San Jose State Men's Water Polo Club. They believe he was under water for at least a minute following his warm-up laps when they pulled him out and quickly transported him to a nearby medical center - lifeguards at the pool failed at their resuscitation attempts. Harryman was later put on life support but was taken off Saturday night (Oct. 17) as he laid there surrounded by his family members. A candlelight vigil has been set for Friday in his honor."


Brief points:

  • 3PAC's real name was Ryan Harryman and he was an accomplished swimmer.
  • 3PAC's dissed a rapper from Ohio called Slim Jesus.
  • 3PAC had a gang called "Zero Hoots Gang", their logo seem to take a play from Drake's OVO.
  • A lot of music he created, while funny contains questionable terms like "n***", "ebola is a hoot and cancer is a hoot.
  • He also made comedy sketches (3PAC is a parody)
  • He also made a song called RAP GOD (HARDEST IN THE GAME,SON) which was a play on Em's "Rap God" track


Now you're probably thinking "Why should I care?", I'm not telling you to care, I'm just showcasing some of his music. Some may like it and some may not. For me, there was some decent tracks but some of them are pretty damn offensive. 


My real question is, what do you think about his music? 


3PAC - I don't give a hoot (Zero Hoots Freestyle)

3PAC - Ebola is a hoot 

3PAC - Cancer is hoot (Rage for a cure) 

3PAC - Pool Party 

3PAC - Hustlin(g) (Rich white man taking over, son)

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