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Trophies for second player?


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Hi guys, can anyone specify if the second player (when logged in on the PS4) can earn trophies as well? Or does the game only unlock trophies for player 1?

Same for progress towards cumulative trophies (hit x amount of notes)... Does the game save progress for both players or just for player 1?

Hope someone can tell me ;)

Thanks and greetings from Germany

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It depends on the game, and how the second player is connected to the PS4. 


If the second player is joining you over SharePlay, then no, they cannot earn trophies. 


If the second player is logged in to the PS4 using their PSN account, then yes, they should generally be able to join trophies. Some games may see P2 as a "guest" though, in which case trophies may not be available.

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I know it depends on the game, that's why I wonder about Guitar Hero Live, since there is no need at all for a second controller because you just need the second guitar.

I fear only one player gets them, but I thought maybe someone already tested it and can tell us more..

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I didn't, but I didn't do a traditional 2 player setup so don't take my answer as 100% applicable to you.


What I did, was I played the game on my account as normal right, but I wanted to use my headphones (my Bluetooth ones hate the PS4 for some reason) so I plugged them into a controller but I signed the controller into a different account.


You might think that the controller was just sitting idle and that's why I got nothing, well actually it registered the mike in the headphones as going to player two and brought the lyrics up on screen, not bad for some pissy 8 dollar headphones from Target. 


Anyway, I also broke the things a while back and long story short, the microphone doesn't work at all, but it still registered as a second player playing, and they got nothing. So it's nowhere near a 100% answer, but I'd say, like most games, you'll be shit out of luck, but then again, who knows, maybe with 2 guitars you can!

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Alright, in case anyone else wonders:

The game asks you who is guitar 2 and you can chose the profile. But that's actually worthless. There is a notification ingame saying the progress of player 2 will not be recorded.

No trophy unlocked for player 2.

It's a shame but at least we know now ;)

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