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Episode 5 problem

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I purchased the season pass and have downloaded and installed all 5 episodes. In the game itself it says episode 5 has been purchased but not downloaded. When you click on that it takes you to the PS store where it says it's installed. Any ideas on what could be wrong? Deleted and did a full reinstall but it's exactly the same.

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Sounds like a software issue. Have you tried TellTale customer support?


Doesn't sound like it could be a licencing issue because PSN doesn't let you download the game without buying a licence, but a call to Sony customer support might help in any case.


You're certain that you're using the same account with which you purchased the content when trying to play, I assume? That shouldn't cause an issue of you're playing on the "primary" PS4, but might be what's causing errors if you're not.

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