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Doubts before purchase of Until Dawn


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Hi all,


I have just noticed that PlayStation reduced the price for Until Dawn today. I really excited to play the game soon because it looks very good. However I'm confused before the purchase. Is there an option to change the language or it's possible to play in English only? I couldn't find the information anywhere and don't want to regret the purchase after payment. Anyway could someone who is registered on UK PSN account and downloaded the game to its PS4 check if there's an option to change the audio language to other than English for me please? I appreciate screenshots if it's possible. Thank you for your help.



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First of all thank you for your quick reply guys!


I have noticed there's Spanish and Portuguese audio languages available. It would be a nice adventure to play Until Dawn in Spanish. However I'm registered on UK Playstation network and when I click on the game to find more details the only language is English. I thought they just forgot to add more languages in the description but it's available in the game. Any help appreciated.

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