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game breaking NG+ glitch! any help appreciated.


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hey guys, so i started up ng+ and after it saved i backed out and loaded it up again, i didn't know if the ng+ was going to overwrite my regular game save so i was just checking. Now this is a real balls breaker right here. when i hit continue NG+ it loads up my regular save not the NG+ save. If anyone knows how to fix this please help me cause this is ridiculous!!

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So you are telling me that you beat the game and didn't overwrite your savefile before beating the game and now you are trying to load a savefile that you never created after beating the game? Sounds very fine to me.

Did you beat the game AGAIN and overwrote the previous save file this time?

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well here's the thing though.i can't start a new new game plus. it just says continue but when i click on it it's my regular campaign. I was playing NG+ until i exited out, after a save by the way. So i don't know how to reset ng+

i thought the ng+ and regular saves are separate.

i'm starting to think the only way to fix this is to delete my save (which won't happen) and then play it ALL OVER AGAIN (which won't happen) and then try it again. fucking bullshit i swear

no i beat it for the first time and started up a ng+ and i backed out after it saved and when i went back into the ng+ it kept loading up my regular non ng+ camaign. 

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