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What is this game like?


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Yeah, so I have actually played this game already and is not wondering what it is like. I did however want to make a thread about the game for people wondering what the game is like and if they should purchase it etc. Basically a shitty review.


This game is very much targeted at kids, and by that I mean just that. It's so easy and there's pretty much no text in the game whatsoever. I mean, menu text is swapped with icons... :P The overall themes, design of levels and characters etc...


It's a 2D platformer game. Very standard affair. It seemed very inspired by the very first Rayman game, and maybe some other game (can't remember). While that Rayman is awesome, this is nowhere near as good or as hard.


As I said, easy! In the beginning of the game you may think some of these bonus rounds may get hard near the end, but there's actually just a very limited amount of them, and they just repeat.


You can abuse checkpoints to get a second try to get something you miss in a level. You have infinite lives, which makes it all that much easier to abuse.


You can play on easy, which basically gives you an extra heart or something.


The hardest trophies for this game is basically doing a level without picking up any collectibles and to get all the collectibles.


I didn't use a guide for the collectibles, and with like one exception I got everything on first attempt.


Nothing missable, the game has level select, but you should do every level 100% at first attempt, because you need to do that anyways.


The game is actually not super short. Several worlds with a good chunk of levels in each world, so it's not a super short 100%. It takes like 10+ hours or something IIRC.

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I agree with pretty much everything said here. This game is way overly easy, and it is a shame because I think it would have a lot of potential and would be a pretty enjoyable game if it didn't get so boring by the second/third world, due to no challenge and no real new mechanics introduced (there's one new skill you learn every mid-world boss but they really don't add that much to the game).


I liked the level design of all the worlds, especially the 4th, which as MMDE said seemed really inspired by Rayman. But there's just not enough gameplay/challenge that warrants a 7-10 hours game.


I only had to look at the PST guide for 1 teleport chamber I missed in a level first time, everything else came by just being somewhat thorough and looking around the levels.

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If anybody is still browsing the PS3 store…


I’ve been struggling to find a game that I can play with my kids (aged 6-8), a lot of good coop platformers on PS4/PS5 get challenging for them after 1-2 levels. This is PERFECT. No awful unskippable cutscenes, no deadly traps at every corner, fun collectibles and very relaxed coop .


From this angle, this game is a precious gem.

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