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The 'Challenger' trophy is glitched!


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So now that you know the problem is there, and is not getting addressed be either the developer (Signal Studios) or the publisher (Ubisoft), the next question is, what can we do about it as customers?


From the timeline above you can see that Signal Studios refuses to patch the game, unless Ubisoft tells them to.  That means, that the only way this trophy will ever get patched, is if enough people submit support tickets to Ubisoft.  It's easy, only takes a minute and I list the steps below:


Steps to submit a support ticket to Ubisoft:

  1. Go to: https://support.ubi.com/en-US/AskQuestion (you will need Uplay account for this; you most likely have one, if you've ever played a Ubisoft game, like Assassin's Creed.  If not, it's easy to create one for free)
  2. Fill out the form selecting Playstation 4 and Toy Soldiers: War Chest
  3. Fill out Subject and Question fields (just say Challenger trophy is glitched, you want the developers to fix it, put it in your own words).
  4. Click 'Continue'
  5. When the next page asks you if the problem is solved, click 'Submit Question' instead.


That's it.  The support will email you back, and give you some useless advice about re-installing the game.  Ignore that.  We only care about them notifying the developers about the issue.  Don't bother closing the ticket either.  Especially not until they patch the game.


If you have time, you can also leave a message on one of the following forums.  We already know support tickets are the best way, but posting a message below can't hurt either:

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If you don't know why I want this trophy fixed badly, just look at my PNSProfile (it's in the signature).  The more people complain, the more likely the patch.  To that end, I came up with a little incentive for anyone willing to help (you can do it, even if you don't own the game).  A chance to win one of the following prizes:
All you need to do is submit a support ticket asking about Challenger trophy (or achievement) getting patched.  I put the steps to submitting a support ticket in the post above.
Let me know if you did that by posting here, or messaging me, and I will add you to the list below.  Two weeks from now, I will randomly pick a winner from the list (on Tuesday, November 10, 2015).  On top of that, if the trophy will ever get patched, I will award one random person 1 year of free PS+ membership.  The only condition is that the winner will need to show me the screenshots of their support ticket (it's easy, the support tickets are stored in your Uplay account history on their website).  I've done these giveways before, so you know I'm good for them.
People that submitted support tickets to Ubisoft (and are eligible for $20 PSN card / 1 Year PS+ membership prize):

  • Darth_Krid
  • CrescentShadow
  • ColdDarkAndEmpty
  • lost4lost
  • madbuk
  • killerjazz420
  • olivetheturtle
  • VenomNBK
  • DoctorBaofu
  • BurstNova
  • FrenchDevil54 ($20 PSN card winner)
  • tenbucks
  • Klart
  • GoTp
  • Zetberg
  • breakXedge
  • raZZcolbaSS
  • AjoBoB *** (last person to register before $20 PSN card drawing)
  • superjona97

NOTE: Here's a pick method I came up with, so it's truly random and fair. I'll stop adding people to the list two weeks from now (10PM EST, Tuesday, 11/10/2015). One hour from that point, there will me a MegaMillions lottery drawing (check the numbers here). I will look at the first number only. If it's an odd number, I'll count down the list starting at the top. If it's an even number, I'll count up the list starting from the bottom. The person that the count stops on, will be getting the free code. If the number is bigger than the number of people on the list, I will roll over back to the beginning, where I started counting from, and continue counting.  If the person that wins does not have proof of submitting a ticket, I will cross them off the list, and repeat the above count method again.

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Just start over on a new account. You'll be a lvl 20 with a 100% again before this will get fixed.

I don't care about the level/trophy count on my profile. I'm more interested in difficulty, and a lot of those games took me months to master and complete. Not to mention the grindy ones, like Warhawk/Uncharted. I'm sticking with this profile no matter what.  You never know - Sony may start letting people delete trophies one day.  But I still have hope for the dev to do the right thing here.

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Eternal21, got a response from Ubisoft. I wrote in english but they replied in Spanish instead...


Basically they say that:


Speaking abot trophies we have 2 scenarios:


1.-The ingame counter does not work. For example, slay 100 players and the counter only counts 99. Solution: restart the game.

2.-The ingame counter works, you fulfill the requirements but the trophy don't pop. That's Sony's problem because some kind of...problem with servers.


If the problem were something with uPlay rewards they could fix it, but they can't.


Then I replied with all links to Signal Studios forum and images. Hope it helps. Here you have all the responde in Spanish.


Estimado usuario:

Cuando hablamos de Trofeos, hay que diferenciar dos posibles casos:

1. El juego no te reconoce que has cumplido todos los requisitos para el mismo. Por ejemplo, pide que mates 100 guardias y efectivamente los hayas matado y el juego solo te compute 99. En este caso se trataría de un error del juego, y la única manera de solventarlo sería reiniciar la misión. 

2. Que a pesar de haber cumplido los requisitos y que el juego te lo reconozca, el trofeo no te sea concedido (por ejemplo, has matado 100 guardias de 100 y el juego así lo muestra). En este caso, es un problema de los servidores de Sony (sea por problemas de comunicación, u otro tipo de problemas...) y al ser un problema de los servidores de Sony, desafortunadamente no habría nada que pudiésemos hacer. 

Ten en cuenta que los Trofeos son una Recompensa que Sony (PSN) da para fidelizar a sus usuarios.
Al ser una recompensa que concede PSN no tenemos acceso a los servidores de los mismos por lo que no podemos añadirla nosotros manualmente.

Si se tratáse de un Logro Uplay, podríamos añadirlo manualmente, puesto que se trata de nuestra propia red. 

Sentimos los inconvenientes.


Soporte de Ubisoft

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They didn't post today's winning lottery numbers yet on http://www.megamillions.com/winning-numbers, and I got work tomorrow, so I'm going to sleep now.  I'll post the winner tomorrow, and send them the PSN card numbers after I get back from work




Ok, they finally posted the numbers:



So the number is 8.  According to the rules I posted, that means I'm counting starting from the bottom (since the number is even).  The 8th person from the bottom is FrenchDevil54, so he'll be getting the $20 prize (I'll PM you the code later on today).  Thanks to everyone else for sending in the tickets.  If the trophy ever gets patched, I will randomly award one year of PS+ to one of the people that helped, as promised.  People can still submit tickets to be eligible for that prize.

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Thanks for alerting me to the situation with this game. I almost bought it today during the "Flash Sale" but there is no way im giving Ubisoft my money if they are ignoring obvious problems with a game they are still selling. I have my issues with Ubisoft already, so this whole mess doesnt surprise me.


Im at the point now that i do my best to avoid Ubisoft games whenever possible. They seem to not care about treating customers well. Sometimes they just release terribly broken games and never fix them.....like Assassin's Creed Unity.


Anyway-- Thanks everyone.



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On 9/15/2016 at 0:48 AM, Mexis said:

So I started a petition to get the trophy fixed guys any support would be awesome and show ubisoft that we care.




Signed it. I just bought this game on Amazon.ca without looking into it, thought it was a cool looking game that brings back memories from my 80's cartoon shows lol...


Now I'm disappointed that I can't platinum it. 

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 Going nigh 2 years, You think.. they could be bothered to fix a line of code  sheesh

Its a fun game, sure, bugy as fuck as the MP always gliched on me when i played it, but yea would be nice to be able to plat.. I stoped playing a month in, and I refuse to buy UBI soft anymore, (Saying this.. i did buy Rainbow 6 yr 2, or w.e ... and more crap all the same lol)

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