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Hunting Season and Weed Whacker questione

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How would I know how many specific class I've already killed.


I've already looked at the Stickerbook and I've already reached 100 player vanquishes for the each class of Zombies and I still didn't get the trophy,

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For those two trophies you need to vanquish 100 of each class of plants and zombies and not just 100 of the other team


As the guy said above me, unfortunately you really have no way of checking out how many of each you need to vanquish, but generally try to make it your priority to vanquish those classes that appear less often (such as the scientist or the cactus).


Keep playing the game and you'll get it eventually, helps that it's a really enjoyable game :)

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You have to kill each class 100 times.

Just go through the game and other trophies and play a lot of garden ops and you can easily get those trophies and the on the next level the platinum.

Does AI hero vanquishes count?



EDIT: Nvm. I just got both trophies.

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