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WWE 2K16 PS3 Trophy List Discussion


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So the trophy list for PS3 version is different from the PS4 version like WWE 2K15 last year. Personally, I thought this is easier than PS4 list especially because of the online portion. Only 2 online trophies. The ranked matches ones, only play 100 online matches and play every type of the matches, considered that WWE 2K15 has a ridiculous trophy last year which is earned that 3000 points in a match. And on top of that, for this year WWE 2K16, there is no need to win these online matches to earn the online trophies.


So, what do you guys thought of the list?  :)

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I defiantly  going to buy this game since the trophies looked very easy and the game looks quite good when I searched on Youtube this morning. Even though the commentary will be bad since there is no JBL for current gen consoles, but I think it is a great time to play this game and buy it since I have not play a WWE game since SVR11 when I used to play on PSP. Have to wait until it is on sale since buying $59.99 for a PS3 game of WWE is quite ridiculous. 

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