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Ideas for new filters/display orders


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Lately I was thinking about a couple new filters that would be a cool addition* to the site  :angel:


1- Order games by fastest completion.

At the moment we only have the fastest platinum milestone, but I think it would be a nice addition if we could order our games by fastest completion both for fastest 100% and fastest :platinum:


2- Order games by number of trophies in descending order (from highest number of trophies, to smallest). And I mean trophies in the trophy list, not obtained trophies.


3- Alternatively to 2 (or in addition to), Order games by total gamescore (descending). This too based on the trophy list, not obtained trophies.


4- Being able to select only games you got at 100%. We basically have every other combination beside this one.

100% or Platinum selects both

Platinum gives you all games where you got the :platinum:

Platinum, not 100% gives all games where you have :platinum: but haven't yet reached full completion

Incomplete gives you any game where you've yet to reach the :platinum:

A filter only for games where you have full completion is the only thing we are missing.

Admittedly I could be slightly wrong on how some of them works since I only have games with a :platinum: in their trophy lists, nevertheless I can't find a way to only see games where I have reached full completion




I know you are busy with a new site update Sly, but I'd at least be grateful to see what you think about these ideas  :D



*in my opinion

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Just a reply.

I'm so disappointed :(


"i know that feel, bro" ... somehow suggestions never really get much attention around here, even if you also submit a solution for the problem (see my bug report about the game search feature).


at least about the show/hide 100% in your profile, you could have a look at the following thread: https://psnprofiles.com/forums/topic/31965-hide-100-completed-games-in-gaming-session/page-2

i posted a small javascript that lets you quickly hide all 100% games, you could easily modify it the other way around ;)

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