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Sega is considering ways to re-release Shenmue 1 & 2


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Now that Shenmue 3 has generated consumer interest in the brand again, Sega is looking at re-releasing the older games.


The recent revival of Shenmue 3, through itshighly-successful Kickstarter campaign, has convinced Sega the Shenmue brand could generate profit once again.
“Yes, we want to innovate and back smarthphones and virtual reality but our key purpose is to go back to what the brand used to stand for,” Sega Europe’s marketing director Jon Rooke told Marketing Week.
“I think the buzz around Shenmue 3 shows that people love our legacy,” he added, confirming to the site that Sega is indeed looking at ways to re-release the dormant franchise.
“Over the next few years, we want to use engaging content and marketing to remind the public why they fell in love with Sega in the first place.”
Shenmue 3 is still a ways off, so it’s a good thing Sega is looking into a remaster now in order to have something ready around the third instalment’s launch, or perhaps before.




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Yes this is true.

This was spoken about back in July and it is largely rumoured that Shenmue I and II are well on the way to being Re-mastered.

I invested £200 in the kick starter project for Shenmue III.


Will us non-investers still be able to buy it? D=


I need to invest in it soon before the kickstarter goes away.

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Yes the game will be available to everyone via an initial PS4 and PC release only.

Backing the project via Kick starter just helps to show support aswell as getting some extra bonus items dependant on how much you sponsored the project.

Essentially of course, anyone who buys the game upon release in December 2017 will be backing the project.

Amongst some of the 'better' rewards I will be getting is a limited 'backers' edition box set of the game... my name in the games end credits, some bonus in game items, a Shenmue III T-shirt, artbook curated by Yu Suzuki, all the games music possibly on a CD I think, an early beta release of the demo on PC, a scroll and a few other bits...

I would sell my soul to fund this project, and if it wasn't for expensive Japanese lessons and books I would have gone a lot deeper...

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I don't think "innovate" and "smartphones" should be used in the same sentence.  :P


I'd be up for remasters of the first two games. I backed the Shenmue 3 on Kickstarter enough to get the physical version and I have never even played the previous games. The hype train can be a scary thing!  xD I hope they actually put some effort in the remaster. The first two games look and feel very rough by today's standards. Maybe that's asking too much of Sega though.  -_-

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I was lucky enough to play the original Shenmue on the SEGA Dreamcast.

It was and still is to this day the very best game I have ever played, in fact calling it a game feels wrong, it was an emotinnal journey, I will not use any references but rest assured to those people who have never played it, even IF it was re-released tomorrow with no re-mastering you would still love it I am sure.

Anyone for some fork lift races? :)

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This is FANTASTIC NEWS!!! I played the 1st one, but never the 2nd. This is how its done!!!! Physical AND Digital release please!! :D


(Hope Capcom is paying attention!! I want a ONIMUSHA HD COLLECTION and a reboot dammit!! :shakefist:)

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Sega need to step up their game, these games would need strong advertisement to be a success. No flopping about, no deals, just straight adverts and release demos. Also every release on every Eight Gen console out there. Last but not least, the controls would need fixing big time or at least give us the choice to re-map then if we want. 

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