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Pocket NW editor?

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Now forgive me, but the game is very confusing and doesnt explain this too well.


Here is what I know:


You can customize your own pocket NW by going to the editor.

Summoning the NW in battle costs 1 Bonus

If you summon it during an NM invasion, you can blow up the other pocket NW (never seen it fail)

Summoning it in battle gives you an effect (I only have one so far so not sure if its random or not)


Here is what I do not know:


What is the point of customizing your interior? How do you visit it? Is there any reason to??

In the NW shop you can buy geo symbols, but I cannot figure out wtf it's for and how to benefit from spending 1.2 Million HELL on exp + 50% when I cant even figure out how to deploy the geo effect afterwards.


I tried searching online, but it makes me feel stupider since I can't find anybody explaining this system. I'm generally a pretty sharp gamer but wtf?




Any help would be appeciated here!

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Customizing the interior is mostly for cosmetics, and you can let other players visit your NW if you want.

I'd recommend swapping NPC characters in stores, if possible (Put you cursor over them in edit mode, and press Triangle to find the option); every character has it's own line of dialogue for each facility.


Geo Symbols only work if they have Geo Panels marked on the map. Just keep playing the game, and you'll understand

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