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Best way to grind "Nurse"

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I don't quite remember it, but IIRC what i did was bringing a lot of the necessary reagents or whatever they are and go to one of the Post-Game dungeons that include the "fake CPU" missions. I think Green Heart's battle was the most efficient for this method as she was powerful.


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I recently got this one using this method(I purchased Battle ticket btw, not sure if it will work if you recruited the other Goddess since I dunno if they start at level 1 when recruited):


-Put a high level Compa in party (Not sure if others, like IF's revive, will do) I had her around Level 35~ Set her one Revive and one Self Healing Item Skills to 100%

-Put newly recruited party members for the other 2 slots - I used Gust and Nisa (they were at level 1)

-Save (optional but would recommend to save items)

-Go to Dungeon that you know Compa will survive but the other 2 won't. I went to a level 25~ Side Quest Dungeon

-Go to Battle - Have Compa Defend while the other 2 attack. 

-Watch the 2 weak members die > Watch Compa revive them when it's her turn > Have Compa Defend > Watch the 2 weak members die and so on til the trophy pops.

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