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Anima Weapon Guide (3.15)


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This thread will contain a guide of the full Anima Weapon series of quests and the best ways to go about them.


Soul Without Life


This step can actually be skipped if you obtained a Zeta Weapon which was ARR content. You can still obtain this, but I would only say to go for it if you are on the last step of this weapon, otherwise it's just better to do the following grind.


The first step requires you to obtain 18 luminous crystals. These are similar to Atmas from the last Relic Weapon series, although the drop rate is just not as bad, but this may be because you need 3 of each. These have about a 10% chance of dropping in a FATE. You will get the following in each of the Heavensward areas:

  • Azys Lla – Luminous Fire Crystals

  • Sea of Clouds – Luminous Wind Crystals

  • Churning Mists – Luminous Lightning Crystals

  • Coerthas Western Highlands – Luminous Ice Crystals

  • Dravanian Forelands – Luminous Earth Crystals

  • Dravanian Hinterlands – Luminous Water Crystals

Then you want to trade these in for the following items.

  • Astral Nodule

  • Umbral Nodule

That is the first part of the Anima weapons completed. It will give you an i170 weapon, so it's kind of worse than what most of us already have.


Toughening Up


This step is actually pretty easy. Mainly do every dungeon from 2.5 right over to the Vault. The best thing is too is that the old ARR dungeons* can be done un-synced so you can be done with them each in about 8 minutes, you also don't have to have the i170 weapon equipped. You just have to make sure you equip it before you leave the dungeon, so more DPS is available to you during the dungeon.

  • Snowcloak*

  • Sastasha (Hard)*

  • Sunken Temple of Qarn (Hard)*

  • Keeper of the Lake*

  • Wanderer's Palace (Hard)*

  • Amdapor Keep (Hard)*

  • Dusk Vigil

  • Sohm Al

  • The Aery

  • The Vault

Make sure to talk to the Quest giver whenever you see him. Sometimes as you come out of dungeons, he'll be there for you to chat to, which will unlock the next dungeon in the path. But otherwise this is a very easy step, there is no RNG to deal with at all.


Your weapon will be upgraded to i200, considering if you didn't do Thordan Extreme or cleared Alexander Savage Mode yet, you shouldn't really have any better than this right now. If you do, you can always glamour your weapon, as this next step unless you no-life it is going to take you a while.


Coming into its Own


This step is either going to make you go insane or just quit the game. This is what we call a grind. Easily, this step alone is going to take you maybe over 300 hours depending in how you go about it and depending how rich you are or how many crafting friends who will make this stuff for you for cheap.


First off, before you even start to worry about the crafted items (although, this time right now crafters with souls is a good time to cash in on the items before the MB crashes because everyone caught up with the grind), you want to complete the grind.


You will need 20 of each of the following.

  • Unidentifiable Bone

  • Unidentifiable Shell

  • Unidentifiable Ore

  • Unidentifiable Seeds

Unidentifiable Bones can be obtained by the following objectives:

  • 680 Poetics

  • Amalj'aa Vendor for 13 tokens that can be obtained by completing Lv. 48 quests.

  • 10x Precision Gordian Bolts (1 drops per clear of Alexander 1 Normal)

  • 1000x Allied Seals (Obtained from Hunts)

  • Vanu Vendor for 18 tokens that can be obtained by completing any of the Vanu quests.

Unidentifiable Shells can be obtained by the following objectives:

  • 680 Poetics

  • Sahagin Vendor (same as Amalj'aa Vendor requirements)

  • 10x Precision Gordian Lens (1 drops per clear of Alexander 2 Normal)

  • Heavensward Treasure Maps (Archaeoskin, Wyvernskin and Dragonskin – dealing with RNG here)

  • Vanu Vendor (Same as above)

Unidentifiable Ores can be obtained by the following objectives:

  • 680 Law

  • Kobold Vendor (same as Amalj'aa Vendor requirements)

  • 10x Precision Gordian Springs (1 drops per clear of Alexander 3 Normal)

  • Heavensward Treasure Maps (maps as seen above)

  • Vanu Vendor (Same as above)

Unidentifiable Seeds can be obtained by the following objectives:

  • 680 Law

  • Sylph Vendor (same as Amalj'aa Vendor requirements)

  • 10x Precision Gordian Shafts (1 drops per clear of Alexander 4 Normal)

  • 1000x Allied Seals

  • Vanu Vendor (Same as above)

So you see you have quite a grind in many ways to do before you even think of purchasing the crafted items. It all matters, how much time you have each day. It's possible with only 2 hours each day, this can literally take you 2 months to do, so this is not a friendly quest for casuals of the game at all. This is nothing new however with the Relic quest lines in this game. Keep in mind this will be get nerfed eventually. There is a Live Letter on the 23rd where Yoshida will be taking players feedback (more likely the Japanese side who are also equally pissed off about this stage).


Anyways now onto the crafted items once you get past that grind. These are either going to be madly expensive or kind of average, depending on the Server you're on, good chance if you are on a hardcore player server like Ragnarok, Excalibur, Masamune, etc (pretty much, any of the "Legacy" ones), these are going to be expensive and overall will cost you about 12,000,000+ gil altogether (this is what the items are going for on Ragnarok).


That or you actually are decent at crafting yourself or have some crafting friends that will happily do it for you cheaper or free (I would craft the old starting Relic weapons for friends free with the materia melded and all). Or you just have someone who will take the mats and craft the items for you that way (be careful of this, some crafters are assholes who will steal your mats and since you give them to them, the GMs can't do much to help, it's just like leaving your FC chest open to all, it's your own fault in the end of the day, make sure you trust whoever you give the task of doing this).


All of the items required for the quest are Specialist items, so really, you can't actually craft them all yourself anyways (since you are limited to 3 Souls if I am correct.. if I'm not, please correct me).


The items you need to buy/craft (ingredients are added below) are as follows:

  • Dispelling Arrow HQ x4 (CRP)

    • Wind Cluster x2

    • Ice Cluster

    • Blessed Fletchings

    • Hallowed Chestnut Lumber

    • Hardsilver Nugget

  • Adamantite Francesca HQ x4 (BSM)

    • Fire Cluster x2

    • Earth Cluster

    • Pterodactyl Strap

    • Adamantite Nugget

    • Birch Lumber

  • Titanium Alloy Mirror HQ x4 (ALC)

    • Water Cluster x2

    • Lightning Cluster

    • Titanium Alloy Square

    • Holy Water

    • Hardsilver Sand

    • Vitriol

  • Kingcake HQ x4 (CUL)

    • Fire Cluster x2

    • Water Cluster

    • Moogle Miniature

    • Highland Flour

    • Yak Milk

    • Okeanis Egg

    • Birch Syrup

    • Tiny Crown

Each one of these also have an ingredient that requires a Soul, but these are actually rather cheap (about 200-300k gil each and they will go down as more people reach this point of the quest), so I recommend if you go the crafting route, is to attach your Souls to some of the above jobs.

  • Titanium Alloy Square (ARM)

  • Moogle Miniature (GSM)

  • Pterodactyl Strap (LTW)

  • Blessed Fletchings (WVR)

Once you complete this step you will obtain an i210 weapon which will be the best you can obtain if you don't raid.


To Be Continued.

If you have any questions at all to ask, feel free to do so.


Everything apart from Stage 1 (if you want to see that, just preview it from the first quest, it's basically the exact same as the ESO weapon).  If you have any submissions to add, please PM DEMON with the screenshots for them to be added here, everyone will be credited for their screens.


Dragoon (DRG)

Edited by DEMON
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It got easier now, all the requirements for "Coming to its own" are cheaper, they require 300 poetics or eso so yeah, the only problem would be the remaining materials because they need a lot of gil



Also, no need for HQ items anymore,you can get the normal ones


Yea, sorry, this hasn't been updated in a while.  I'll probably update it again once the next step is released.

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