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Easy 1000 Kills (2 Players Boosting Method)


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  • 2 weeks later...

Yes, they don't count in private anymore. 


Not sure if other trophies can still be earned in private. People in the thread on PST weren't really clear on that. 

Damn that sucks cause i'm at 400 kills or below. Should had started doing this method while it was still possible... -_-

Any mentions of this game getting any DLC cause i hope not?

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Funny too see my reply there. Wish I had started boosting by then.


To clarify, yo can only boost in public.


THERE is a big chance though, as someone mentioned, you can boost in the "Duel" playlist, just keep on playing till somebody leaves then have your buddy join against you.


I did try and got some trophies boosting on public matches, eg. Splash Damage on Temple (laser method inside, second floor). Works wonders after patch 1.08.


But since this game is a turd, developers don't give a damn about fixing trophies I assume the "Duel" playlist will be gone in 1.09 so better be quick...


And to clarify a bit more, no trophies are boostable on private matches. I tried, no go. Several people tried before me, no go. So forget about wasting your time.

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