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hi all signed up to site in hope for an answer to which alot of people have asked the questions on other forums without knowing an answer to! it happend on fifa 14,15 and now 16, question is is there a way of finding your online ranking on fifa 16 ps4? i see my friends ranking points,games played etc but it does not show my own stats im now in div 4 and stats read 0-0-0 ? attached a pic to show you me and my friends stats which i can see his but not my own! do you have to be in the top 100 to see your rank?? the 2nd screen shot is of the top 100 and below that would be my name where - - - is no stats or rank? ive seen 100,s of people asking this without no one knowing the answer if someone could resolve this then all good im sure most fifa fans would like to know how they rank! thanks for reading,damian



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I'm amazed you replied on the same date exactly a year after xD

as you can see from pic they sorted so you can see ranking points now and the reply to my post wasnt a year later its the same day


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we are champions and go for it trophy on ps4 fifa 16 can these be earned through coop season i just won title in fut online seasons hoping it would pop up but nothing.takes forever to find a opponent   ...DONE ;000)


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