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Edit : Seriously anyone who wants to level up, the slime's are nice but using evac is the biggest waste of time. I was getting 1 metal slime kill per 15 mins on average at first, one time I got 1 kill in 40 mins. Instead just farm the the map, and if slimes appear kill them, don't bother using evac. In 40 minutes I went from 70 to 90, the monsters give an absurd amount of experience, and if you kill a slime well that's a bonus.


My party is Aurora, Doric ( royal wrath spam in tension is nuts ), Jessica, Bianca. Bianca Rain of pain spamming with a Banishing bell and raging ruby. You always crit, get mp back so your always at full mana, and you clear the castle waves in no time. For me this was way faster than spamming evac and waiting on loading screens and hoping slimes appear and don't run away

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When you say farm the map, can you confirm what you mean? I've just started the game but I know I need to level post game :)

1. Equip Magnetic Necklace (attracts metal slimes) on any character. Equip Raging Ruby (more crits) and Elevating Shoes (more exp) on Bianca. Equip Bianca with Allure Ring if you want to farm mini medals while you're at it. It's helpful to have the "restore MP with criticals" skills as well.

2. Head to Arba Town - Hero

3. Kill stuff with Bianca's Rain of Pain until metal monsters appear.

4. Kill metal monsters for crazy xp.

5. Rinse and repeat.

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