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Is the Platinum trophy still obtainable?


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You can still platinum this game, but I will warn you that the trophies are a real pain. The online stuff really just unlocks when it wants to, so it can be very frustrating to boost, and will also take a very long time.


Dont let me put you off the game if you want to platinum it. just thought I would let you know it can be trouble.

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let us know how you go, I got it cause I like the first one but on my first impression I was a little disappointed


Yeah, I know right? I bought the game four years ago when I created this psn account, I got bored of it too quick. I realized that in this game getting into police chases is almost impossible to get away clean.

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I think the servers went down in 2018 or 2019. I played this game in October 2018 just a few hours online cuz of network issues. Reading the comments here made me hope for server are available. But i was searching for an answer through Google and i found a website called tduworld . com which says: server were shutdown in 2018 but we are developing our private server. It's not ready for public use. They don't mention whether it's pc only or consoles too unfortunately.


Maybe those who unlocked some trophies tested that private server? If not they hacked them. I hope it's not that though. 


I would try to play online but i'm not at home for another week.


I looked at one guy's profile who unlocked several mp trophies in 2019. The trophies have 10 seconds difference. Even the ones for completing 10 missions and all missions (which are 100) are 10 seconds apart. The trophies are cheated

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On 16/10/2020 at 9:11 PM, TazDevilz1986 said:

It isn't shutdown. Just a couple trophies from the DLC are bugged from unlocking including some of the online ones. The rest works fine though.

Are you sure its not shut down? I tried to connect around November time and the server didnt seem to exist

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Platinum cant be done, since the servers are down.


I did clean up all my singleplayer trophies though. Luckily I was still eligible to go for the level 60 trophy, as I have done enough of the online challenges back when the game was still online.

Some tips:

  • Just install the DLC to get those extra ranks automatically added to your level
  • You can still do all photos, even the rainy photos, just wait a lot, it will rain, even in offline lobby/offline game
  • for the adrenaline missions, which are the hardest of the missions (100 total for the all missions trophy) I recommend the Atom V8 Buggy which you get by collecting parts. This vehicle makes some of the night adrenaline missions in the east of Hawaii more bear-able, but still hard tbh
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