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Cajun gaming addict here, new to the forums.


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Hey all! I'm new here... so; let's see.. Acadian French chick, unemployed and bouncing between New Orleans and Houma (from Opelousas), hoping at least to have people in the Gulf Coast area, needing friends to boost/coop/yadda yadda on PS3. Have absolutely nothing else to do while attempting to job search whilst suffering from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

I will eat a fruit hat if anyone is from Houma. Heh.



So, how are you lot doing? I just wrapped up COD Ghosts and FC4 (love that damn series,) and am contemplating selling my Fender Telecaster [wince] to get a PS4 and the new Assassin's Creed games because that series is one of my true addictions. Probably won't sell, and it would hurt to let it go...not a lot of people looking to buy guitars here in this small town but hey. S'all good in the hood, dawg.

Looking forward to making friends. :)

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