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Challenge #8


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A comment I made under a youtube video long ago, but many found it very useful, so I thought I'd post it here too!


This one was actually very easy, and here's how to do it, the easy way:


Jump and then hold L1 and press circle twice, and the second time you press circle hold it till the attack is done. This will be your main way of doing damage. If you see one of the medusas trying to freeze you, ROLL! It doesn't matter where at all, just ROLL, and they won't be able to freeze you at all!! When you see it fit, start doing damage again!


Should make you able to do it in first attempt! =)

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Thanks for the comment, I attempted this challenge for about 90 minutes before I gave up and decided to check what ze internet had to say, and actually beat the challenge on my first attempt after this.

It's also a much faster method. I would get close to the end where only the gorgons remained, and they would methodically grind down my health pool - probably around 10-12 minutes per failed attempt. This method took 5 minutes at the most.

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