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Bonjour mes amies... from the UK


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Good Day to all.


It's a strange feeling posting on these Forums, considering I have been a Member for just over 4 years on PSNP. 

Maybe I just like the company.


Anyhoo, some little tidbits about me, if you are interested to know:

  • I passed 5000 trophies in Dec 2015, a feat I thought was not possible
  • Currently, I reside in the SW of England, far away from the madding crowd
  • Am currently selling my music collection to help pay for rent (currently unemployed)
  • Huge Vagrant Story fan, must've completed the game 6 times through and love the story through and through
  • I write gaming and fantasy fanfiction to keep my mind occupied in the wee hours, between gaming

Well, that's something to start with.


Hope you all have a good day and look forward to having fun here.

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