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Can't download DLC on PS3


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Okay guys, this is really weird and I totally don't understand it...

My first version of Sound Shapes was on PS4, now I finally decided to go auto-popping on my Vita and PS3. I had no problem at all to download Sound Shapes and all DLC on my Vita, but my PS3 behaves really weird: While I was succesfully able to download the game itself, though it also downloaded the Vita version on my PS3 system, I just can't access the DLC. From the ingame store, which has communication errors 99% of the time, it shows all DLC's as "bought", but if I click on them, no download starts. If I go onto the PSN store, it's even weirder: When I try to download the package with all DLC's, my system only downloads the Vita version and that's it. I started the game, no DLC, just a lot of Vita-software-bubbles on my XMB. So I thought to be clever and download every DLC by itself from the PSN store, but when I try... the download of the whole package starts again, and again only Vita.

I'm out of ideas, what to do?

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