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Wild Arms Creator Teases Series Revival


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On Wild Arms‘ 20th anniversary, creator Akifumi Kaneko announced that he attended a “Wild Arms meeting” with several people including a Sony Computer Entertainment producer, teasing a possible revival. The first game in the series was released for the PS One in 1996, and the latest release came in August 2007. In a Tweet (translation courtesy of Gematsu), Kaneko said:

So. I’m back from the Wild Arms meeting. Participants included myself, [series composer Michiko] Naruke, SCE producer [Kentaro] Motomura, and promotion’s [Taku] Nishijima, who everybody loves. Tonight, we emphasized that “this year, it’s the series’s 20th annivesray!” It’s cold outside, but we were undoubtedly hot.

This isn’t the first time Kaneko has teased a revival but whether something came out of the meeting or not remains to be seen.


For now, PS2’s Wild Arms 3 is set to arrive on the PS4 this year.

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Me upon reading this.



I've been asking for this ever since I played Enchanted Arms on the ps3 in 2012. (I don't think they are in any way related but the influence is there.)


I've only played Wild Arms and Wild Arms 3 but they really were a ton of fun to play. I really hope that the rest of the ps2 games come to the ps4.


I wonder how the combat system would be? I like the turn based combat from the first game, but I saw that in 4 and 5 it was changed so that there are 7 hexagon spaces you can have your characters move around. I would prefer the grid from Enchanted Arms though. :hmm:

I can't see that style of gameplay coming back. :(

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*happy tears*


This and Shadow Hearts need to come back


You have no idea how close this may be, because Shadow Hearts creator teased a new project just twenty days ago... and also said this:

Machida said, when asked about a potential remaster of the original Shadow Hearts titles, that "currently there's no such project, but I will continue to work hard with the rest of the staff to make it so that one day it will be possible." What's really exciting (and sobering at the same time) is that Machida also revealed some concept art and details about could have been Shadow Hearts III, disregarding Shadow Hearts: From the New World's status as the series' third entry. "Shadow Hearts III doesn't exist yet, but I don't think the bad ending of part II (Covenant) is the real conclusion".

The only Shadow Hearts I can accept though is the horror-focused, Koudelka\SH1-style one. I was greatly dissapointed when Covenant and From the New World shifted the focus to the "dark comedy with some good-old creepy bits". 

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A new Wild Arms would be great.  Good RPGs remain far too rare.


Yes :D


This and Shadow Hearts need to come back


The gameplay/combat for Shadow Hearts was tremendous.  The writing and story-telling?  Not so much, and less so as they went from game to game to game.  I'm all for having another Shadow Hearts, but only so long as they murder anyone who had anything to do with the story for the previous two installments first.

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I hope they go back to the play of WA 1-3. Since Alter Code: F, the series has been terrible.



This was one of my first RPG series on the PS1 (together with FF7). The only one I did not play was Wild Arms 3, but I finished all the others.

Alter Code F, with trophies, would be a nice remaster, but I really look forward for a new game.


Alter Code: F would be a nice remaster if it worked. That game was glitchy hell, and riddled with design flaws. 

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I can only find a release date for NA ... any one know if it come to europe too ?

Most of the time this PS2 re-releases are only given either a NA or EU date but they end up coming on the same day, so you should expect this one to be released on May 17 in Europe too.

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Would you recommend me getting a EU version or the US one? As I heard that most PAL versions of PS2 classics on the PS4 suffer from stuttering (50 Hz).

i have an EU account and the games plays just fine, a 60hz patch was released for the EU versions of gta 3 and vice city but personally i didn't noticed much difference while playing, what i mean is that you can play either version and you will enjoy it regardless of 60hz or 50hz.

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